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The Circle Archives comprises a list and concise overview of numerous co-creative and engaging art workshops that were conducted online, featuring enthusiastic artists from across the country. The Circle Community, created by Rooftop, was an exclusive, invite-only artist community that fostered profound artsy conversations, facilitated meaningful learning of various artforms and provided unparalleled art experiences. The Circle’s underlying ethos was to connect like-minded artists to promote the importance of artistic interactions that are stress-relieving, therapeutic, and self-introspective.

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Nagaland Cloth painting workshop
The Circle Archive

Nagaland Cloth Painting Workshop with Anju Varma

Nagaland Cloth Painting is a legendary art form done by the Tribal community of Nagaland. These artworks are dedicated to the heroic deeds of the warriors of the region. Previously, the artwork was done by weaving and painting. Currently, however, the tribals only make it in the form of the painting. The element of imperfection
Winter Landscape Workshop with Gayatri Prahlad
The Circle Archive

Winter Landscape Workshop With Gayatri Prahlad

The depiction of winter landscapes in western art began in the 15th century. Wintery and snowy landscapes are not seen in early European paintings since most of the subjects were religious. The winter landscape that features snow as a theme is landscapes, even if some of these works include religious or even fantasy landscapes such
Tanjore paintings
The Circle Archive

Tanjore Painting with Dr Shivaji

Thanjavur painting is a classical South Indian painting style, which originated from the town of Thanjavur. The art form draws its immediate resources and inspiration from way back about 1600 AD, a period when the Nayakas of Thanjavur under the suzerainty of the Vijayanagara Rayas encouraged art—chiefly, classical dance and music—as well as literature, both
The Garden Of Life Mandala Workshop with Manasi N. Desai
The Circle Archive

Sunflower loose watercolor workshop with Mithali Ram

Sunflowers are such bright and gorgeous flowers that make any individual instantly happy. The emotion we get from yellow color is its warmth, which symbolizes the sun and is as bright as sunshine . The Circle Community conducted a fun and interactive workshop on Sunflower Loose Watercolour Art with expert artist Mithali Ram. About The
Brush Pen Calligraphy with Namrata Baheti
The Circle Archive

Brush Pen Calligraphy with Namrata Baheti

Brush lettering is a style of writing which is similar to calligraphy. With each letter, heavy pressure is applied on the downward stroke and light pressure is applied with every upward stroke. Due to the use of pressure and the appearance of the letters, brush lettering is also known as modern calligraphy. To make this
ink illustration
The Circle Archive

Floral Ink Illustration With Mohona Bhadra

Floral Ink Illustration is a creative and aesthetically pleasing art form. In this art form, flowers are engraved with black and white ink. The floral botanicals are also sprung leaf wildflowers. This art form caught the eye of many artists during the pandemic. To make the art form widely popular among the masses, Rooftop conducted
mix media paint workshop
The Circle Archive

Poster/Gouache paints workshop with Anuja Bele

Gouache is a pigment that is a combination of watercolour and acrylic paint, with an opaque, matte finish. Gouache is made from a mix of synthetic or natural pigments with binding agents such as gum, Arabic, and yellow dextrin, with chalk added to make the paint more effective. To spread awareness about gouache painting among
paper cutting
The Circle Archive

Paper Cutting Workshop with Khusboo Patel

Scherenschnitte, which means scissor cut in German, is the art of paper cutting. It is used to prepare 3-D models of origami, paper cuts, paper folds, letters, and pop-cards. The Chinese were the first people to start this artwork. The Han Dynasty invented paper which gave birth to the art of cutting. Some of the
Santhal painting
The Circle Archive

Santhal Painting Workshop with Seema Bharadwaj

India has many forms of folk art in India; our country consists of so many states, each of them carrying different cultural and traditional identities. Santhals are the third largest tribe in India and are known for their unique form of tribal paintings known as Santhal Tribal Paintings. The Santhal artists depict dancing, harvest, and
Introduction to Tanjore Painting and Skills Workshop
The Circle Archive

Introduction To Tanjore Painting With Vibha Raj

Tanjore painting is a South Indian art, developed in the late 16th century. The art came into existence in Thanjavur, also known as Tanjore in the state of Tamil Nadu. The subjects for Tanjore paintings are mostly Hindu gods and goddesses. It also has religious texts. A typical Tanjore painting includes a deity; the artist
One stroke painting
The Circle Archive

One stroke painting with Priya Satish

One Stroke painting is a popular and interesting decorative painting technique where the double and multi-loading method is used to achieve highlights, shadows, and color changes in one stroke. It is all about loading a brush with two separate colors and getting the shading and highlighting in one stroke. It’s a very simple technique and
Skincare Workshop
The Circle Archive

Skincare Workshop With Ananya Mahandule

Skincare is a daily regime that is a part of our grooming routine. Lips are the one sensory organ that we make special by pampering it with lip gloss, balms, and lipsticks which have chemicals that often do not suit everybody’s skin type. Many women entrepreneurs make face creams, lipsticks, and lip balms with natural