Mini Dream Catcher Workshop: A dreamcatcher is said to be a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. It filters out bad dreams and ensures a good night sleep. The tradition spoke of hanging the dreamcatchers over the cradle and beds of young children. Rajasthan Studio curated a Mini Dream Catcher Workshop with Akanksha Jasuja who is a Graphic designer and VFX artist turned traveller and fiber Artist and also the co-founder of Dreamers Dreamland.

The Mini Dream Catcher Workshop Began

She started by wrapping the circular ring with colorful ribbon. Next, she showed the technique of wrapping the thread around the ring to create a web like pattern. Lastly, adding beads and feathers, Akansha made a beautiful mini dream catcher. The participants caught up her speed and completed their dream catchers by the end of the workshop.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

It was commendable how all the participants picked up the technique of making the web like patterns which is actually the most difficult part. Adding their creativity, the participants showed their colorful mini dream catchers to Akansha. It was a productive and vibrant session altogether.

Rajasthan Studio organises different kinds of art workshops regularly to keep artists creative and productive.

Stay safe, stay creative, here’s us signing off!