एक प्रयास है राजस्थान स्टूडियो

As many of you would know, Pappu Bhatt is a celebrated State Awardee, puppeteer. During his interactive, by-invitation Circle session, Bhatt explained at length how he and his wife, Ms. Sumitra Devi painstakingly chisel and craft their kathputli from mango wood, before giving them a coat of paint in Rajasthan’s vibrant colours. Not just that. Everyone at the session got a chance to make the stringed kathputli that the couple makes dance on different Bollywood songs, much to the satisfaction of the gathering that clapped and watched in rapt attention.

Kathputli Puppetry

Attendees Present at the Session

(Standing Left to Right) Ms.Nimisha Sinha (Rajasthan Studio), Mr. Yash & Ms. Poonam Hukko, Ms. Priyanka Godara, Ms. Purnima Kaul, Ms. Sunita Nagpal, Ms. Sachi Saxena, Ms. Advika Parwal, Ms. Aditi Parwal and Ms. Muskan Saxena (On Chairs L to R) Mrs Sumita Devi and Mr. Papu Bhat

(Sitting Left to Right) Mr. Aviral Paliwal, Mr. Kartik Gaggar and Mr. Pawan Nagpal