Fluid Art Workshop: Fluid Art is the flow of acrylic paint over the sheet. It is an unplanned form of art which always takes the artist by surprise. For this fun Fluid Art Workshop, Rajasthan Studio invited Amisha Bulani who is an artist and a design student at NIFT Mumbai.

The Fluid Art Workshop Began

Amisha briefed about fluid art and explained the process of mixing the acrylic colours in a cup along with a pouring medium. Eventually she went on to the next step of pouring the colour on the canvas. Amisha showed a different technique of pouring so that the colour can be spread properly. The participants worked along with Amisha and used different colours to make their fluid art. In this kind of art, the artist never plans or knows how the art will turn out to be. It is the free flow of acrylic colours which create different colour patterns.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

All the participants used Amisha’s technique to create beautiful fluid art. Amisha was overwhelmed how all the attendees actively participated in the workshop. The attendees belonged to different age groups but their love for art brought them together in the same platform.

Learning, imparting, connecting and staying creative is our moto at Rajasthan Studio and that’s the reason why we keep organizing various art workshops everyday.

With this, we sign off!