Chai Class Workshop: Who doesn’t like a warm cup of tea after a tiring day? But making that one perfect cup of tea requires a lot of patience and a few tips. Tea being the national beverage of India, Rajasthan Studio curated a personalized exclusive Chai Class Workshop and invited tea expert Prerana Kumar. She is a chai loving entrepreneur who is on a mission to motivate people to build a healthy chai habit. An alumni of IMT Ghaziabad, she founded her company ChaiVeda in 2017 that brings a cup of pure leaf chai powered by essential herbs. Apart from being a chai fanatic, Prerna also works for various social causes and plays an active role towards the welfare of community. She also volunteers for the Indian Association of Secretaries and Admin Professionals and Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Chai Class Began

Prerana started the workshop by taking the attendees down the memory lane and spoke about the origin and history of tea. It was followed by an interactive session amongst Prerana and the attendees about how they like their tea. Prerana showed them about the different varieties of tea – black tea, green tea, white tea and many more. She explained the intrinsic detail and health benefits about each of the tea variety, as the attendees listened carefully. She demonstrated the correct way of making green tea and also gave some tips regarding the same.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

She also spoke in details about the spices we can use in Chai and their health benefits. She also shared some useful chai recipes with the attendees and burst some myths regarding tea.At the end of the workshop, the attendees interacted with Prerana and asked their queries, to which Prerana promptly responded. It was a interactive and informative session for all the tea-loving attendees.

Here’s us signing off untill next time!