Art Therapy Workshop: In these uncertain times, only art has the ability to relax and de-stress our mind. Moreover, through art therapy, one can enhance their creative skills and relax their mind with its healing power. Rajasthan Studio invited Sabira Hita for this therapeutic Art Therapy Workshop. She takes different workshops on self-enhancement, self-motivation, self-finding, self-love and self-confidence to help people battling with insecurities, anger, anxiety or any such negative emotion.

The Art Therapy Workshop Began

Around 40 attendees joined us in this therapeutic experience on art therapy. Sabira conducted many creative and fun activities to help improve creativity skills and power of thinking,. From joining nine dots with only four lines to creating something artistic only by using a certain pattern given to them, Sabira encouraged everyone to think out of the box. She suggested,

To improve our creativity skills, it is very important to think out of the box.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

The attendees actively participated in all the activities and had a great one hour session. Most of the attendees unleashed their creativity and came up with different art of their own which showed the different perspectives they had regarding the pattern shown by Sabira. 

The art therapy session helped the attendees think creatively as well as helped them express themselves through art. 

Learning, imparting, connecting and staying creative is our moto at Rajasthan Studio and that’s the reason why we keep organizing various art workshops everyday.

With this, we sign off!