Journaling in general is a fine phenomenon of accumulating your thoughts and creativity in order to create a carefree, safe space for your emotions to flow without any filters. It allows individuals to connect with their own selves and discover aspects that remain untalked. 

Art Journaling is a type of visual Journaling that incorporates images, freehand drawings, creative affirmations and more. The best part about Art Journaling is you do not need to follow any set pattern or rule. It’s just the flow of emotions that play the lead. 

But how do we start? Where do we begin from? These questions always take over and therefore to help you deal with them, The Circle Community came up with an Art Journaling Workshop session with Sandhya Ahuja. 

About the Artist:- 

Sandhya Ahuja is an impressive creative mind who well blends her emotions into the most rectified forms of visual pieces. She has been curating eye candy designs that complement journals for a long time now and therefore holds a strong understanding of the same. 

The Workshop Began:- 

The Art Journaling Workshop by Sandhya Ahuja began with a brief introduction of the prolific personality she carries. On successful introduction, the workshop moved to unveiling unknown aspects of Art Journaling. 

Scribbling your thoughts was the very first activity initiated by Sandhya Ahuja. The motive behind doing it was to let your emotions flow without any control. Later the scribbling was topped with a few doodling strokes. 

While curating the exceptional pieces of art, Sandhya Ahuja also kept sharing her words of wisdom associated with Art Journaling. Numerous pieces like flowers, affirmations and designs were successfully created and then moved to pasting it in the journal to create the ultimate masterpiece. 

Towards the end of the workshop:- 

The workshop came to an end in a very fruitful manner. Sandhya Ahuja was successful in creating and guiding the attendees to create their best pieces. The attendees for the workshop came from different age groups and kept their interests high as heaven. 

At the end of the session, learners received an opportunity to showcase their pieces that they practised along with Sandhya Ahuja. She herself glanced at each of the pieces and assisted them with constructive feedback. 

Another influencing session was successfully summed up by The Circle Community. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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