Art Journaling Workshop: To celebrate the eighth day of Navratri on a positive self-care note, Rajasthan Studio curated a Art Journaling Workshop and invited Sakshi Jain. Unlike the usually written journals, an art journal incorporates colours, images, patterns, and any other materials that one likes. Amongst the millennials, it has become a creative form of self-care. One can express and explore their feelings through images, writing, and just playful mark makings. 

The Art Journaling Workshop Began

In her journal, Sakshi decided to express how she felt this year during the Navratri and the things she was missing due to restricted celebrations. She said,

Journaling has no right or wrong. You don’t have to be an artist to do journaling, all you have to do is express your feelings in a visual form which you can reminiscence later on as memories

She started the workshop by sticking tissues using water and glue on one side of the Journal. On the other side, she stuck few pictures that provoked the feeling of Navratri in her. The pictures included Goddess Durga, a cut out from an invitation card and woollen yarn to name few. All the 21 participants their hand at art journaling for the first time. They were awestruck by how simple yet therapeutic this art was. Participants were taking inspiration from Sakshi’s work and creating their journals along with Sakshi.  

Towards The End Of The Workshop

Sakshi was enthusiastic throughout the workshop. She shared insights on how one can create vintage art journals and junk art journaling using anything they like. For the travel enthusiasts, she showcased how to make a travel art journal and for nature lovers, she showcased how to make use of dried flowers and leaves to make a journal. 

Participants were amused by the new skill they acquired during the workshop and looked forward to practice it in the long run. A few of the participants were showing their journals to Sakshi and received appreciation and guidance from her.  

Rajasthan studio as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together.

Here;s us signing off until next time!