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The Rise In Popularity Of Resin Art

New age art : Resin art

During the lockdown, resin art became popular and it could be your next hobby as well! If you’ve never sin is a chemical compound that hardens to form a more durable material. In this blog, you will hear of the resin art you are about to know! Refind everything you need to know about the popularity of Resin Art!

History And Symbolism

Resin has been around for a long time. Plant-based resin compounds have been utilised for anything from art supplies from hardwood preservation to perfumes. The first evidence of resin utilisation goes back to Ancient Greece. Chemical resins, particularly epoxy resin, have not been around for very long. In truth, the chemical process required to generate epoxy resin was discovered by a scientist in the 1930s. The current counterpart of resin is synthesised artificially and utilised for identical reasons. In the 1930s, epoxy resin was developed. When it was discovered that it might be used to glue goods together or preserve artefacts, it was patented as a separate product. The growing popularity of Resin art has made it loved by all.

Resin Art
Image credit: Fine Art America

What To Make From Resin Art?

Resin is a versatile substance that may be used to create an infinite variety of items depending on your degree of competence.

Resin Coasters

Simply said, a resin coaster is a coaster that is composed of epoxy resin. To preserve the surface on which it is put, coasters are employed as a sort of barrier between the bottom of a glass or mug and the surface. Epoxy coasters can be utilised for this function or as a decorative item. 

Image credits: Indian Mart (1); Bewildered Slavica (2)

Resin Jewellery

You may purchase jewellery moulds and use resin to create a variety of jewellery pieces for yourself or your loved ones. You can also utilise mementoes, such as dried flowers and pictures to preserve memory.

Resin Geode art

Geodes are found in nature as small rock formations with stunning colours and angular patterns. Many people collect these, but because they might be hard to get in some places, you can make your own with epoxy resin!

Image credit: Archi Products (1); Amazon (2)

Resin Cutting Board

Do you feel that all the resin artwork is way too hard? Relax knowing that not all resin artwork is too complicated. Some resin artworks are easy to make and even useful in everyday life. 

What Is The Reason For The Popularity Of Resin Art?

Over fifty years have passed since the invention of the technique used to produce these wonderful works of art, yet it has only lately gained widespread recognition. To showcase their creative processes, resin artists may now do so on the two major social media sites TikTok and YouTube.

What to do and not to do!

Avoid Moisture

The resin will bubble and cloud as a result of this. This will leave the completed surface with unattractive white spots.

Mix Parts A and B 

This will guarantee that everything is thoroughly combined, preventing the development of aggregates that include both too much resin and insufficient hardener. As a result, sections will become resin-rich and fail to cure properly.

Clean your tools!

A buildup of resin will occur if your trowel is not frequently cleaned of any resin. This will force you to restart trowelling the mixture, which will result in a patchy appearance on the completed surface—so much so that it will appear as though two distinct aggregates were mixed.

Image credits: Pourfect (1); Art Resin (2)

Be mindful of the local temperature because it can affect the curing timeframes and, ultimately, the quality of the completed product. Additionally, as it grows hotter, troweling will become more difficult because of the longer setting period. The resin won’t cure as quickly in the cold.

Everyone can enjoy resin art, so make it your main passion! Rooftop is your saviour if you want to discover new art forms and the wide realm of art! We are an online platform that offers you a variety of art classes so you may learn, develop, and become an expert. 

Fun fact
Image credits: Artincontext

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