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The Origin and Evolution of Money Shown Through Phad Painting

Presented by Sanskar School, Jaipur as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Students of Sanskar School performing on The Origin and Evolution of Money

Participant’s Experience

Working on the ‘Phad se Padh’ project at Sanskar School was a rewarding experience for all of us. It gave us students the opportunity to apply our knowledge on the topic “Origin and Evolution of Money” with art! 

It helped us gain confidence in our abilities, as we worked with our peers and teachers to design and paint an artwork of such a large size. It also provided us with the chance to explore our abilities and interests, allowing us to express ourselves creatively. We started by forming a storyline on the topic, and then the budding artists took over, preparing the paintings on the main canvas. The whole journey was amazing and one we will never forget!

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