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The Importance Of Art and Its Influence On Mental Health

art and mental health

Are you finding it hard to express what is going on in your mind? Do you find yourself at the loss of words whenever some painful memory troubles you? If yes, then art is the way out. It is a medium of non-verbal expression and has layers of deep meaning that convey emotions in the easiest way possible. 

Art and its influence on mental health

One must not necessarily be an artist to express their emotions. Art cures the brain of the chaos that is harassing an individual. Easy patterns and colouring will help to recover from various mental health issues. Art taps into those parts of the brain that are untouched.

Excessive stress is not new at this age. Mental illness takes no age into consideration, from young kids to the elderly, everyone is stuck in clams of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or some other illness. Many times people don’t realise they are prey to such issues. 

Art Therapy and Mental Health

Art is able to speed up the medication process and able to help patients suffering from deep-rooted mental illnesses through art. Unbelievable as it may sound, art has worked wonders. Nowadays, its benefits are known to the world on a larger scale. This is making art a common choice as an alternative way to help deal with stress and other mental health illnesses. Art plays a unique role in a person’s life, allowing them to process their emotions and feelings by curating art. Hence, art therapy is one of the best natural ways to help combat stress in your everyday life. And it’s fun!

The Main Goal of Art Therapy

Art therapy is to enable the person wrestling with tough emotions to finally be able to ease up enough to get in touch with their emotions. The simple act of colouring and doodling helps the stress level to drop rapidly in the person. When a person is able to relax a little bit, it allows the brain to concentrate on filtering emotions, focusing on themselves, and working on emotional breakthroughs. 

You might be wondering that only an artist can be that good! But honestly, art therapy does not require artistic skills. Grab a sheet and start drawing anything that strikes your brain.

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”    

– Vincent van Gogh

Artworks as an emotional release

Art offers emotional release. Feelings that are stagnant and troubling a person are brought to the surface and released through art. Art is a gentle process that makes it yielding. There are centres in India that focus on art as a way of therapy.

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 Rooftop brings together professional art therapists to curate mindful art therapies that will relax your mood and address modern-day mental health concerns.

Art Builds Self-confidence

You feel great and with a sense of accomplishment and you can unleash your emotions when you draw something without the fear of being judged. Art makes diving into deep parts of the brain that have been causing troubles, smooth and painless.

Art is meditation

Just like meditation, art also focuses on calming down your raging thoughts. While drawing,   rather than any other chaotic thought. This leads to reaching the root cause of the emotional turmoil.

Art has numerous elements which can cure a person from long and unresolved trauma. If you are looking for assistance with art therapy Rooftop is here at your service.

When art transcends being a mere hobby, that is where Rooftop steps in! We bring together expert-level artists who work with people of all ages across a broad spectrum and curate unique Art Therapies that are not only functional but provide reinvigoration at large.

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