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The Garden Of Life Mandala Workshop With Manasi N. Desai

The Garden Of Life Mandala Workshop with Manasi N. Desai

Mandala art is one of the most traditionally celebrated art forms that embarks on peace, compassion and concentration. The art form is a unique creation of various geometric shapes and sizes that together when placed in an organized manner sparks a vibrant and authentic vision. 

A variety of modern age artists are trying their hands on the artform and innovating it by giving it their own touch and perception. If you’re wondering to grab some similar opportunities then the Rooftop is your right spot. It has managed to organise a well celebrated Garden of Life Mandala Workshop with Manasi N. Desai, who tends to perfectly shape the needs necessary to master the art form. 

About the Artist:- 

Manasi N. Desai is a Physiotherapist by profession and an evolving artist by passion. She has a great desire to learn and explore various art forms and a few of them are already mastered like Watercolor, Gouache, Mandala and more. 

The Mandala Workshop began:-

The workshop began with the host introducing the mentor, Manasi Desai. She later took over and began by discussing important aspects associated with Mandala art. She quickly walked down our attendees with some crucial do’s and don’ts necessary to adhere to when getting your hands expertise with the artform. 

Further, she began creating the piece of artform briefing attendees at relevant intervals with steps, tips and tricks to enhance the art piece. She also made sure to stand by and answer attendees’ queries with constructive detailing and facts. While creating the Mandala art with the attendees she made sure and gave special stress to the pace of every individual involved. And thus, the session evolved to be a fruitful one. 

Towards the end of the Mandala Workshop:- 

Towards the end of the Mandala Workshop multiple attendees co-created the Mandala art that the mentor, Manasi Desai instructed and created from the beginning. These attendees come from different age groups passionately connected to their artistic roots. In the end, the attendees received an opportunity to showcase and win constructive feedback from the mentor herself. 

The session was fruitfully called off with a number of learning points for the attendees to take home. Rooftop acted to be the most successful point of commutator between the crucial bridges. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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