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The Alchemy of Learning: Delhi Public School, Jaipur and Rooftop Partnership for Art-Integrated Education

The Tale of Metallurgy by the students of Delhi Public School, Jaipur (Song performance)

Concept Note

The students from DPS Jaipur took the topic of ‘Metallurgy’ and created a Phad artwork along with music and lyrics. Metallurgy is the study of metals and their properties, including their extraction, purification, and processing. The project began in February and continued throughout the year, with the first exhibition being held in December at City Palace in Jaipur, with 15 schools participating. Princess Gauravi Kumari herself visited the exhibition.

The Phad artwork was created on a canvas roll with a primer coating, using 2A Acrylic colors. The artwork was 8x9ft long, consisting of 27 blocks of varying sizes. The lyrics used in the artwork were a mixture of Hindi, Marwadi, and English. The project was a success, promoting art-integrated learning and showcasing the students’ creativity and understanding of metallurgy.

The Tale of Metallurgy by the students of Delhi Public School, Jaipur (Dance performance)

Participant’s Experience

‘Phad se Padh’ pushed us to delve into the brave heroes of the past’s innovative and tenacious tales. On one platform, we sang, danced, and celebrated their victory as our paintbrushes told their story of bravery. I feel very fortunate to be able to see so many schools succeed as they portray various narratives with the aim of preserving the spirit of history. 

The ‘Phad se Padh’ movement brought us all together in a unique and mystical way. Our study subject was “Metallurgy.” We chose to use a song to tell the tale of Metallurgy. The song’s lyrics were written in Rajasthani, Hindi, and English Rap. Everyone was fascinated by the melodic interpretations. The overall experience was enriching with new concepts imbibed in mind through art integration which opened ways to think out of the box and bring a positive change into modern pedagogy.

By Suchi Banthi



Ms.Aditi Misra, Director, Delhi Public School Jaipur

Training &Ideation

Mr.Sandeep Sethi, Coordinator, Diya Kumari Foundation

Guidance & Support

Ms. Richa Prakash, Principal, Delhi Public School

Story Concept

Ms. Rita P. Taneja,

Project Coordinator

Dr.Shalini Kulshrestha, HOD Performing &Visual Arts

Story writing

Ms.Meena Bhargava, HOD, Science


Ms. Paale Verma

Story Illustration

Ms.Preeti Nautiyal-PGT, Fine Arts

Ms.Minni Verma,-TGT, Fine Arts

Vaishnavi Nautiyal- XI -Student

Swarnima Gupta- XI -Student

Charvi Jain- XI -Student

Prachi Jain-XI -Student

Music & lyrics Composer

Mr.Udhbav Lavania

Mr.Jimmy J.Thomas

Dr.Shalini Kulshrestha

Song students (Class – XI)

  1. Yashasvi Solanki
  2. Pragati Ragini
  3. Navya Chauhan
  4. Shivika Sharma
  5. Avya Singh Chandel
  6. Suchi Bantia
  7. Manan Garg
  8. Manipatel Sriepad Rao
  9. Harshnandini
  10. Khawaish Jangid
  11. Aura Sharma


Choreographed By- Mr.Bhawani Javda


  1. Deepaanshi Tak-IX
  2. Juhi Pal-IX
  3. Prisha Khandelwal -IX
  4. Khushi Mosun-IX
  5. Sanvi Bhalla-IX
  6. Meghna Josh-IX
  7. Pavani Khemka –IX
  8.  Priyadarshani Kamal-IX
  9. Aranam Vashishtha-VIII

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