Watercolour Floral Wreath Workshop with Sipaas Usmani

Watercolor painting is the process of mixing color pigments with water. Watercolour painting is known for its thin and transparent colour, along with its delicacy and subtlety. Watercolor painting is considered as therapeutic as a self-care practice as it helps in reducing stress for adults and also helps children in increasing their concentration and hand

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Pattachitra Art Workshop

Pattachitra Art Workshop By Bhagyashree Sahoo

Pattachitra Art Workshop: An ancient form of folk art endemic to Orissa and West Bengal, Pattachitra places storytelling squarely in the center of its art. There are many people who believe that Pattachitra is the world’s first illustrated storybook. The name Pattachitra has evolved from the Sanskrit words – Patta which means canvas and Chitra

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