Warli Art On Fabric Workshop

Warli Art On Fabric Workshop With Jigna Nirav Daftary

Warli Art On Fabric Workshop: Found in the North Sahyadri Range of Maharashtra, Warli art is a lifestyle representation of the Warli tribal community. The concept of Mother Nature and elements of nature are depicted in Warli painting. These paintings were traditionally done on the clay walls of the houses. But in the contemporary art

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Warli Art Workshop

Warli Art Workshop With Mrunal Diwakar

Warli Art Workshop: Warli art is an ancient tribal art from Western India. To teach this traditional Warli Art Workshop, Rajasthan Studio invited Mrunal Diwakar who is a freelance artist with proven credentials in Warli paintings. Although familiar with variety of types of painting, she chose Warli as her area of interest. She keenly developed

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