history and symbolism of mandala art

Mandala: The Art Of Living

Instagram has got us so intrigued by the art of Mandala that at least once all of you must have tried drawing it. Along with its alluring look Mandala has a deeper theory and symbolism behind it. It is not just a trendy art but also a healing art.

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Mandala workshop

Mandala Workshop with Deepa Shah

The word literally translates to circle in the Sanskrit language. The roots of Mandala art lie in the Buddhist culture. The symmetric shapes of the mandala design signify an aligned universe. Mandala art became even more popular after the trending reels and videos on social media platforms were uploaded in abundance. Mandala art therapy improves

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Mandala Workshop

Mandala Workshop with Anjali Agarwal

Mandala art acts as a great healer. It provides deep calm and compassion that drives individuals towards betterment and uniqueness. It is a diversified form of art that is created using multiple geometric shapes and sizes. One is free to create their own unique designs using their inner thoughts and creativity.  The art form has

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