Khartal Mangiyaar Folk Music

Khartal Experience With Gazi Khan Barna

Khartal is a popular instrument played by the Manganiyar  Community in Rajasthan, and Gazi Khan is a repute proponent who does full justice to the organ. The instrument may look simple at first glance, but don’t be fooled, as it takes a great amount of dexterity and practice to strum even to play a simple song on

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Cyber Art Rajasthan Studio

Cyber Art & Photography With Hemant Shesh

Since it was about Cyber Art, it was the first session hosted live on Facebook for the artists-attendees who were not able to attend this Circle session in person. An insightful session that explored the expressions of this new-media, a boundary-less art form, Hemant spoke feelingly about his journey as an IAS officer to an

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Rang Mastaney Jaipur Artists

Behad Naftron ke Dino Mein with Rang Mastaney

Rang Mastaney theatre group led by Nipun Mathur presented the story of a Hindu boy and a Muslim Girl, who lived across the Indo-Pak border. The story demolishes a few common myths about communities residing on either side of the barbed line. The narrative presents a sharp contrast between the hatred that engulfs them on

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Sculpting Rajasthan Studio

Live Sculpting with Hansraj Kumawat

This was a rarest of rare treats – a “live sculpting” session with acclaimed sculptor Hansraj Kumawat. The spell-bound audience watched as pliant clay took a concrete form in Hansraj’s hands. Some of the guests, who were encouraged to follow the Master’s technique stood mesmerized by the process. In the end, he also spoke emotively

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Kathputli ka Khel Rajasthan Studio

Kathputli ka Khel With Pappu Bhatt

As many of you would know, Pappu Bhatt is a celebrated State Awardee, and puppeteer. During his interactive, by-invitation Circle session, Bhatt explained at length how he and his wife, Ms Sumitra Devi painstakingly chisel and craft their kathputli from mango wood, before giving them a coat of paint in Rajasthan’s vibrant colours. Not just

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Anupama Bose Rajasthan Studio

Customer Experiences with Anupama Bose

Anupama Bose started her journey as a textile designer, 23 years ago. After working under fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani, she moved to Jaipur, where she succeeded in establishing her own brand. Her expertise lies in customized lehariya, a traditional style of tie and dye practised in Rajasthan. Excited about her product and designs, Bose shared

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Comedy workshop Rajasthan Studio

Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Yash Maheshwari

Yash Maheshwari’s unsurpassed ability to deliver rapid-fire, one-liners and apt punch lines makes his audience go rolling in the comedy workshop. At this particular hands-on session, however, Maheshwari prompted the attendees to write their jokes around a basic structure that he outlined for them at the beginning of the session. The trick went home well

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Storytelling Rajasthan Studio

Storytelling with Dr. Shweta Singh

A storytelling master, Dr Shweta Singh is able to fluidly transition words into gripping stories with as much dexterity as a painter uses in filling colour in her paintings. A wordsmith par excellence, she is a performer who understands the meaning of stories and tells them in a manner that makes them instantly come to

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Feather Painting Rajasthan Studio

Feather Painting Session with Aditi Agarwal

Anyone who has ever worked with a bird’s discarded feather for an art material to paint upon knows how difficult the medium can be. Feather painting is not a child’s play. You need to know the feather type, what colours it would absorb, how it can be preserved, and in what season you can expect

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