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Storytelling with Dr. Shweta Singh

Storytelling Rajasthan Studio

A storytelling master, Dr Shweta Singh is able to fluidly transition words into gripping stories with as much dexterity as a painter uses in filling colour in her paintings. A wordsmith par excellence, she is a performer who understands the meaning of stories and tells them in a manner that makes them instantly come to life.

Later, she threw the same challenge at the attendees – gave them words and asked them to weave stories around them. During the course of the discussion, she also touched upon the basic tenets of a narrative and how to customize them to the audiences. In the end, she also spoke about her journey from a dentist to a storytelling artist.

Attendees Present at the Session

(Standing Left to Right) Mr Aayush Yadav, Mr Sandip Gomay, Mr Yash Maheshwari, Mr Rishi Dixit, Mr Aayush Bahnot, Dr Shweta Singh, Ms Swati Gaggar, Mr Kartik Gaggar (Rooftop Team), Mr Usman Shiekh, Mr Deepak Kumar and Ms Ishita Kumar

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