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Standup Comedy with Yash Maheshwari

Standup Comedy with Yash Maheshwari

It is said that laughter infuses all kinds of positive emotions in our body and de-stresses our minds. Keeping this in mind, Kartik Gaggar invited his friend Yash Maheshwari with his standup comedy to uplift the spirits of the team. He did this because everyone was stuck with boredom during the lockdown.

His quirky yet funny jokes on various relatable topics like quarantine life, fake news, WFH etc, he made everyone break into laughter. He spoke about Work of Home and this made everyone laugh!

When Yash asked about how everyone’s quarantine life is going on, everyone joined in to talk and laugh on his standup comedy. Thes stories were about the quarantine life and the struggles they are facing. Well, their struggles were easily turned into amusing jokes by comedian Yash! Yash is capable of making a joke out of any situation! There was a riot of laughter when Yash spoke about the notoriously popular “Whatsapp University”! He also talked of how people are now coming up with epic “nuskas” to fight Coronavirus!

In this depressing lockdown period, this stand up comedy was like a moral boost for everyone. Yash Maheshwari made the team members stomach hurt with all his funny and relatable jokes. After a wonderful jolly session, all the team members felt refreshed and high spirited and were all set to work hard from home!

The mental well being is as important as physical well being. Keeping that in mind, Rajasthan Studio keeps organizing such interactive and fun sessions to keep the anxiety of the team members at bay. This not only increases productivity but also acts as a team building exercise.

This is Rajasthan Studio for you. We take our leave now. Until then, stay safe, stay happy and stay creative!

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