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Showcasing Stories of Water with Phad Painting

Presented by Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School, Jaipur as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Students of MSBSS, Jaipur performing on Jal Gatha

Concept Note

Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School in Jaipur, in collaboration with Rooftop, implemented the “Phad se Padh” program to promote the use of Phad art, a traditional art form from Rajasthan, in schools. The program aimed to enhance students’ understanding of history and culture while promoting creative thinking.

As part of the program, students created a Phad scroll on the theme of “Jal Gatha” (Stories of Water) using a canvas roll and acrylic colours. The painting was 14 x 6 ft long and consisted of 40 blocks of different sizes, with an average size of 15 x 13 inches. In December, an exhibition was held at City Palace in Jaipur, with the participation of 15 schools and attendance by several notable visitors, including Princess Gauravi Kumari.

Teachers’ Experience

Creative expression is a part of school education, and students were given the platform to create their own story through an art integration programme, where they tried to create a Phad painting ‘Jal gatha’ on the story of water conservation and methods for its sustenance from past to future in Rajasthan. We ensured that the essence of both traditional and modern expressions of Phad was maintained in our expression.

The teammates were assisted by the principal, Ms Vaidehi Singh, at every stage, from topic selection and discussion.

A special remark and appreciation to the Rooftop organisation that made learning more meaningful for the students, which they’ll love and remember forever.

Teacher Names:

  1. Ms.Rita Vishnoi
  2. Ms Deepika Arora
  3. Mr. Binod
  4. Ms.Preeti Sharma
  5. Mr.Arpan Mukherjee
  6. Mr.Tarang

Student’s Experience

Making Phad was a fantastic learning experience for me. I’ve got the chance to learn about and explore the vibrant Rajasthani culture thanks to Phad’s history, plot, and artwork.

The Phad’s focus was on water conservation and how it has changed through time. Analysing the history and depicting old water-saving techniques demonstrated that people in the past conserved water and how contemporary technology might support our efforts to do so even more effectively.

My perspective on Rajasthan has been altered by the Phad se Padh project. It has aided in my appreciation of and celebration of Rajasthani culture. My excitement and memories from painting this amazing work of art are immeasurable.

Student Name: Yelena Pahadia


School Name- Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School, Jaipur 

Name of the Principal- Ms. Vaidehi Singh

Project Coordinator- Ms. Neha Arya

Teachers –  Ms. Sarika Jain (on canvas)
Dr. Savita Sharma  (on canvas)
Ms. Jaya Chabbra (on music )
Mr. Ashok Jangid (with instruments)
Ms. Shuchi Sharma (in writing)

Students worked on the canvas (26 students)

Class X

  1. Riya Jhamtani
  2. Riddhi Ghunawat
  3. Mrigank Rathore
  4. Nandini Khandelwal
  5. Parushi Khandelwal

Class XI

  1. Noyanika Singh
  2. Jai khandelwal
  3. Eesha Khunteta
  4. Yelena Pahadia
  5. Vanshika Chugh
  6. Mahi Jain
  7. Urvee Mudgil
  8. Pratham Tanwar
  9. Shubika Sethi
  10. Varnika Jain
  11. Vanshika Saini
  12. Radhika Agarwal
  13. Jagriti
  14. Saloni Rajpurohit
  15. Tanvi Mehta

Class XII

  1. Vaidehi Singh
  2. Ishita Soni
  3. Vanshika Sharma
  4. Jahanvi Istwal
  5. Mannat Khandelwal
  6. Khwaish Parwani

Students along with music and instruments   (27 students)

Class VII    

  1. Akrit Mathur 
  2. Avisha Goyal
  3. Aditya Raj Sharma 

Class VIII

  1. Devanshi Pareek
  2. Nishka Chaturvedi
  3. Shreyansee Jain
  4. Parishi Handa
  5. Harveen Kaur
  6. Anusha Khandelwal
  7. Ananya Sharma
  8. Ishaan Singh Soni
  9. Kavya Jain
  10. Vihaan Jagarwar
  11. Himank Leekha
  12. Tanishka Sachdeva 

Class IX

  1. Divyansh Dixit
  2. Surmaya Baswal
  3. Aryan Singh
  4. Divyanshi Vashishtha

Class X

  1. Harshil Kacker
  2. Anushree Roy

Class XI

  1. Parth Arora
  2. Geniuss Sharma 
  3. Nakul Gautam 
  4. Padmanabh Acharya 
  5. Urvee Mudgil
  6. Anvi Agrawal

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