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Rooftop’s Debut on Shark Tank: A Stepping Stone Towards Success

Shark Tank India: The Opportunity

On Friday, 6th October 2023, Rooftop experienced a moment in the spotlight: we pitched our app to the illustrious Sharks on Shark Tank India. This moment is something that all start-ups hope for, but very few manage to achieve. After multiple application rounds and a stringent selection process, we got the opportunity to share our creative vision with the Sharks.

Though the pitch did not lead to a deal, the experience was an invaluable stepping stone for us; it gave us a chance to show the world what we’re about. The Sharks left us with many appreciative comments and constructive feedback that have affected the way we at Rooftop operate—in a good way, of course.

Shark Tank India: The Pitch

Rooftop app is an art tech learning platform for all art lovers and enthusiasts who are interested in learning traditional Indian folk and tribal art forms. India is a country with rich art and cultural heritage: Rooftop aims to make the knowledge of generational Indian artforms easily accessible to everyone.

Rooftop CEO and Founder Kartik Gaggar was the one who made the pitch presentation. He began by introducing the Rooftop App to the Sharks. This pitch followed Rooftop’s journey through the years. Kartik highlighted three major aspects of the company:

  • 1. Rooftop’s story, purpose, and background
  • 2. Exclusive content creation and accessibility to art through workshops and courses
  • 3. Connecting with award-winning artists and community building.

Unfortunately, we were unable to showcase our app in action due to technical issues that arose on set. Not being able to show our major products and offerings was a major setback. Even though the pitch still progressed smoothly, perhaps things would have taken a different turn if we were able to demonstrate the app’s various features and assets.

From the ‘Daily Quiz’ and ‘Community’ tabs to the ‘Inspire Me’ and ‘Art Wiki’ sections, the Rooftop app is filled with interactive and informative content that focuses on making the art learning journey fun and enjoyable for the user; while also focusing on accessibility and ease of learning.

Kartik’s energy was infectious, and the introductory pitch was the highlight of the three-minute presentation. Following the pitch, a deep-dive discussion unfolded between the Sharks and Kartik which lasted for about 60–90 minutes.

Shark Tank India: The Sharks And What They Had To Say

1. Deepinder Goyal

CEO of Zomato

Shark Tank India judge Deepinder Goyal
Image credit: GQ India

Deepinder showed a lot of interest in Rooftop’s products. He was also deeply impressed by the Inspire Me feature. He was eager to see the company progress as a marketplace for art and expand beyond a learning app.

2. Namita Thapar

Executive Director at Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited

Shark Tank India judge Namita Thapar
Image credit: Economic Times

Namita expressed concerns about the scalability of Rooftop’s business. She noted that she didn’t feel like the business was scalable. This could have been due to the fact that we had been focusing on content building and product development rather than scale.

3. Anupam Mittal

Founder and CEO of People Group and

Shark Tank India judge Anupam Mittal
Image credit: Pinkvilla

This Shark delved into Rooftop’s financial aspects, seeking details on revenue, sales, and customer acquisition costs. He acknowledged and was extremely approving of Rooftop’s support for local Indian artists but raised concerns about burning money from sources, including a loan from the CEO’s mother.

4. Vineeta Singh

Co-founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics

Shark Tank India judge Vineeta Singh
Image credit: StackUmbrella

Vineeta loved the app name ‘Rooftop’, as well as what it stood for: the feeling of unwinding with loved ones at Rooftop venues. However, she expressed scepticism about the future of art as a sustainable business.

5. Aman Gupta (boAt)

Co Founder and CMO at boAt Lifestyle

Shark Tank India judge Aman Gupta
Image credit: LeaderBiography

Aman Gupta maintained a silent demeanour throughout. He showed some disinterest in the art and culture sectors.

Reflections and Moving Forward

The Sharks’ feedback provided invaluable insights for Rooftop’s future trajectory. As a company with a strong technological foundation and a talented team, we’re now shifting our focus to revenue generation, addressing the concerns raised during the pitch.

The Shark Tank India experience, despite not resulting in a deal, was a significant learning opportunity for us at Rooftop. Being selected among hundreds of start-ups is an honour in itself. We’re grateful for the constructive feedback received, which will serve as a guidepost for evolving and refining our future strategies and endeavours.

Learning, Growing, and Looking Forward

Rooftop CEO and Founder Kartik Gaggar

As Rooftop continues its journey, the emphasis will be on pushing boundaries, increasing numbers, and solidifying our position in the art-tech landscape. We will keep working towards our commitment to making art accessible, engaging, and financially sustainable.

The Rooftop team is already gearing up for the next chapters of its inspiring journey. Our story is a masterpiece in the making and continues to unfold with passion, determination, and a vision to redefine the intersection of art and technology.

Have you been following Rooftop along its incredible journey so far? Stay tuned, because there is so much more that we have in store for India’s art learning community! Download the Rooftop app now from Google Play or the App Store.

Rooftop at Shark Tank India premiered on Thursday, 1/02/24, at 10 PM IST.

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