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Rooftop’s Art Books: A Gateway To Master Indian Art

Art Books

Rooftop: An Overview 

Rooftop, India’s leading online learning platform for Indian art, allowing one to learn and indulge in traditional Indian art, introduces Art Books! These Art Books make art accessible and approachable for all those who seek it.

Let’s take a look at these books, shall we?

Breaking down the Artbooks


Do you also believe that Indian art is too complicated for children to pick up? Well, we have something for you! The days of misjudging children’s capabilities are gone!

Image source: Rooftop’s Art Books

We present you Rooftop’s Elementary Art Books! These books make Indian art easy and accessible for tiny budding artists. The Elementary Art Book is the ideal medium for learning about Indian art and is formulated to evoke artistry in young learners. With a mix of practical exercises and games, this book makes complex patterns and styles of Indian art fun and exciting. With the Elementary Art Book, Learning has never been this fun!

But it’s not just about having fun–this book also holds dynamic educational value. Each and every exercise is curated carefully to convey and nurture essential creative skills.

Image source: Rooftop’s Art Books

Don’t let misbeliefs hold your children back from gaining knowledge of the phenomenon of Indian art! Enable them to welcome their creative potential and commence the path of cultural discovery with the Elementary Art Book today!


Are you eager to learn traditional Indian art but don’t know where to begin? Worry not, because the Essentials Art Book is here to be your guide for an Artventure awaiting you!

Image source: Rooftop’s Art Books

The Essentials Art Book was formulated for beginner artists. It’s more than just an activity book—it’s a ticket to the world of Indian heritage! Grasp quickly onto more complex subjects. Say hello to your creative skills and goodbye to all your doubts! It helps you understand the basics clearly, making the complex art forms easier to grasp.

Don’t let your indecisive self hold you back anymore. Let the Artventures begin!


Think you’ve mastered Indian art, but still crave in-depth insights?

If so, Rooftop’s Expert Art Book is perfect for you!

Image source: Rooftop’s Art Books

The Expert Art Book brings out your artistic abilities as you work through each page. Make this perfect art-learning partner yours and take your artwork to the next level! Indulge yourself into Indian art more meticulously, with each stroke, colour and shape.

To sum it up

With the latest three-layered approach, Rooftop’s artbooks open a new door to a range of audiences, from budding artists to professionals, providing guidance every step of the way. So, what’s stopping you? Click here and give budding artists the gift of examining and uncovering with Rooftop’s Art books!

To learn more about art forms, download the Rooftop app from the App Store or Google Play to stay updated on our upcoming art events and workshops. 

By Soumya Kotian

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