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Rooftop Celebrated 75 Years Of India’s Independence Through Its Successful AR Filter Instagram Campaign

AR Filter

Rooftop app is a platform for all art enthusiasts. It gives them a chance to be a part of an exclusive art community. Art lovers can learn different art forms and co-create with professional artists. The community of art lovers enjoy an array of art workshops, corporate experiences and upcoming art courses. An ultimate art hub for them to learn, create and explore at the same time. Rooftop app brings a unique concept to revolutionise the world of art. On the occasion of 75 years of India’s Independence, our AR filter spurred the movement of art lovers. It gave them a chance to vibe on the social media trends with their artsy side. 

India @75 Art Filter: The Face of Independence Day Celebrations

While the streets were being decorated in tricolours during India’s Independence Day, the digital space was missing the vibrancy. Rooftop launched the “India at 75” AR filter ahead of Independence day, which soon took over Instagram.

Catch a glimpse of the trending filter

Celebrating India’s 75th Independence with Rooftop’s AR filter on Insta

Art lovers on Instagram made the most of the creative AR filter by Rooftop. The users flaunted the different motifs of Indian art forms appearing on their faces with the Indian flag. The patriotic songs used in the background added to the spirit. More than 100+ Instagram celebrities joined the campaign, making it reach 2,00,000+ people through reels and stories. 

Our India at 75 Instagram filter became the expression of pride for everyone. Where netizens celebrated the journey of India’s glorious 75 years of freedom.

Rooftop celebrates traditional Indian art forms and its rich culture every day. We take pride in contributing to carrying the legacy of Indian art forms forward and giving it a global presence.

Art workshops, recorded art classes, art therapies, corporate wellness programs, art events, and much more are curated on handpicked Indian art forms like Pichwai, Gond, Warli, Madhubani, and many more with artists from across the nation. Rooftop’s art experiences enable art lovers across the world to learn the basics of Indian art forms and enjoy a relaxed me-time, connect with a like-minded community of art lovers, and continue their art hobbies. 

If you are an art lover, stay tuned for more unique art experiences in the form of maestro courses curated by awarded artists; get a chance to learn the intricacies of Indian art forms and pursue your passion for art.

Come and relive the stories of our centuries-old Indian art forms. Join us as we continue the celebration of India’s culture every day. 

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