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Rooftop at the Indian Art Biennale

Indian Art Biennale

The bustling lanes of Chandni Chowk have always witnessed a crowd from all walks of life, coming with different interests to visit and experience the charm of Delhi. But this year, the famous monument of Delhi, Red Fort, hosted the most vibrant and diverse art exhibition; India’s first Art, Architecture and Design Biennale

From 9th to 15th December, the Red Fort complex witnessed an artistic celebration of culture, futuristic art and traditions that India upholds with pride. The arena was a visual treat for art lovers, architects, designers, photographers, collectors, connoisseurs, curators, art professionals, gallerists, academic institutions, researchers, students and youth. Sharing the same ethos of taking art to the masses, Rooftop at Indian Art Biennale 2023 left no stone unturned to bring its immersive experience of art workshops to the event.

Indian art biennale

Viraasat Bhi Vikaas Bhi – Ethos of Rooftop and Indian Art Biennale

Rooftop has always shared the spirit of our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision – “Virasat bhi vikaas bhi” (heritage along with modern development) and hence focuses on bringing the hidden, valued, generation-old Indian art forms to the forefront. To do so, Rooftop has consistently kept itself relevant in terms of approaches and mediums to reach the audience. 

In light of the “new normal” since 2020, the population has turned to digital means to cater to their needs; consequently, it has become imperative to meet the popular demands. Rooftop is one such platform that provides authentic content on Indian art through engaging ways like online art workshops, and Maestro courses along with several features on its app.

Padma Shri Bhuri Bai with the workshop participants

Rooftop at Indian Art Biennale 2023

Bhuri Bai, hailing from “Hindustan ka dil” Madhya Pradesh, India, belongs to the largest tribal community called Bhil. A Bhil and Pithora artist, Bhuri Bai has won accolades for her exceptional skills and proudly carries the title of Padma Shri. In collaboration with Rooftop, Bhuri Bai is one of the Master artists on the panel for Maestro Courses available on Rooftop. 

The Indian Art Biennale 2023 was a golden opportunity to bring Bhil art into the limelight by none other than the professional artist herself. An in-person art workshop was held, wherein art lovers, and budding artists, got a chance to immerse themselves in the intricacies of the art form of Bhil. The participants interacted with Padma Shri Bhuri Bai and got the expert’s feedback on their artwork. Not only the art but the heritage importance of Bhil art, choice of colours and process was also explained by the renowned artist.

Why Events and Platforms Like Indian Art Biennale and Rooftop are Important  

Despite India being a hotspring of culturally rich art, it has been losing its relevance. Owing to Westernisation, the population has turned its back on our heritage art forms to learn the skills of Westerners. The unsaid fact of colonisation had a great impact on India’s position in the global art market. But over the years, the situation has turned tables and to one’s delight, Indian art has bounced back like never before. 

Under the vision and guidance of Hon Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country has hosted several art events, and exhibitions to highlight the unparalleled artistic talent from different pockets of India. Indian Art Fair, Kala Ghoda Festival, and Rajasthan International Folk Festival are some of the art events that celebrate Indian art forms. The recent Culture Corridor-G20 Summit experienced a magnificent display of Indian art and its heritage. 

Such events not only enhance the economic aspect by boosting tourism and employment opportunities but also strengthen international ties as a form of soft power diplomacy. It prominently positions Indian culture on the global map. In addition to this, platforms like Rooftop become an accessible and feasible option for art lovers to learn and experience Indian art forms. 

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Rooftop’s Artistic Vision for the Future

Following the vision “Atmanirbhar meets digital India”, Rooftop provides access to experts to collaborate and teach through online workshops. To sum up, art events and platforms like Rooftop work towards making the pillars of Indian art stronger by working on goals of inclusivity, global awareness, recognition and growth.

In conclusion, art is a way of expression that every liberal person can practise and when this expression is rooted in tradition, history and the bonding of communities, it carries immense value. As a responsible part of this country, the appropriate narration, positioning and accessibility are inevitable and should be treated with due dignity. Rooftop’s journey has always been and will be to make Indian art available to the masses while also helping the artisans’ community get an authentic platform.

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