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An Indian Art App – Step by Step Guide to Learn Indian Art

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” quoted Pablo Picasso.

We are sure that resonates with many. Art is widely supported and accepted as a therapeutic tool that helps enhance mental and emotional well-being. But, that seems a far-fetched dream owing to our hustling lives in the city. Moreover, the struggle to find art workshops, authentic artists and flexible time slots adds to the misery.

What if, all these desires were met under one roof? And to top it off, you get it with the availability of online workshops along with offline. Sounds surreal ? Rooftop App is here to make the two ends meet at the click of a button. An accessible and hassle free guide to learn Indian art.

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Indian traditional art forms are an integral part of the culture and history since the artworks were one way to etch the laurels, heroic tales or devotional stories eternally. Rooted deeply in different pockets of India, each artform narrates a story about the community of artists and much more about the region.

Rooftop brings these invaluable artistic experiences to the comforts of your home with online workshops along with their detailed history all on one app. Collaboration with national award-winning artists speaks for the authenticity of content delivered in any form. This creative guide to learning Indian art caters to all, from beginners to skilled artists.

What’s in the App?

Rooftop app is a one-stop shop for all the art lovers and enthusiasts who pursue art as a therapeutic tool or a stream to study. India is a country with rich art and cultural heritage, which can be leveraged for several purposes. Rooftop aims to bring the nuances of these generational Indian artforms from all four corners of the country to your screens.

Easy Login and Accessible Interface

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Once you download the Rooftop app from the Play Store, it will ask you for bare minimum personal details for login purposes. The app provides easy login and, at the same time, ensures an accessible interface for the user. Then, you’ll be asked a list of questions. These are directed towards knowing your interests and your motive for using the app. Based on your responses, Rooftop App will cater to your needs and provide you with an optimised experience.

Diverse Art Forms 

This section on the Rooftop app shows the user a variety of art forms to choose from. Each icon gives a peek of diverse Indian art forms, which enables one to visualise what’s in store for them. Clicking on it will give you a detailed schedule of workshops that mentions the name of workshop along with the materials required to attend it.

Pocket Friendly Online Art Workshops

While ensuring the authenticity of content, the Rooftop app believes in bringing Indian art to the masses: therefore, all our online workshops are pocket friendly. Workshops are priced within the range of INR 450 – 700, with several FREE workshops as well.

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ArtWiki – The Library for Art Lovers

An artist shall always be interested in knowing more than what meets the eye. The Artwiki tab acts as the library for art lovers. It displays the origin, history, relevance, and new outlook of the art form that the user wishes to know about. A well researched, structured content for readers to consume. It provides a deeper understanding of the Indian traditional art form that helps you connect to the craft even more. It shall guide you to discover the nuances of the art without scouting through different articles.

Maestro Courses

One is surely in for a surprise when landing on Maestro Courses. Rooftop app not only provides workshops for art enthusiasts but also structured and detailed paid Maestro courses conducted by renowned, national award winner master artists who have made the art form global. The recorded courses are a step-by-step guide to learn Indian art that comes with three different options to suit the user’s proficiency.

Not just that, it also provides the users with an opportunity to get a 60-minute personalised art workshop with the master artist. If you opt for getting certified after the completion of the course, a detailed review is provided by the maestro artist, which further enables the artist to understand and learn and also receive a certificate.

Authenticity of Artists – Artist’s Bio

Users can access the artist’s bio tab to learn more about them, their accolades, and their authenticity. Rooftop app believes in transparency and keeps its users informed about the artist’s years of experience in the field and other relevant information.

Art Community

Rooftop app’s sole aim was to bring like minded people together who could express, unwind and learn from each other. The Community space helps the user post their art work, which can be viewed by other users of the app. This provides a safe space for beginners and learners, as well as a platform for them to exhibit their work.

Inspire Me – Artists’ Audios

Short recorded audios by renowned artists, a space wherein you dive deep into the tales behind each motif, colour and procedure of making a masterpiece. With the Rooftop app you not only hone artistic skills but also add value to your learning with features like Inspire Me. These exclusive audio bytes guide an artist to learn, understand and experience the Indian art form from the master artist’s perspective.

Rooftop Premium

Rooftop app offers a hassle-free payment mode to attain the weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions. Stay connected to the community of artists and art lovers, get daily updates and also, exciting games that could win you credits. A wallet full of credits means a week full of interesting workshops. The credits can be redeemed to buy any workshop worth the amount.

Rooftop could be a great stepping stone for budding artists and a treasure trove for artists in search of authentic, value-adding resources to upskill themselves. It acts as a complete guide to learning Indian art under one roof. Download the app now and take a plunge into this one-of-a kind Indian art experience. Follow us on Instagram @rooftop_app to get exciting updates and the latest events hosted by Rooftop.

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