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“Reiki Healing from the Heart” with Poonam Hukku

Reiki Healing Rajasthan Studio

Poonam is a professional Reiki Healing & Meditation Expert currently based in Jaipur. She believes that she has been blessed with the almighty’s guidance in finding her true calling in life – that of a healer. Trained in the art of Reiki healing and crystal work, her 30 minutes session comprised of deep relaxation exercises and a demonstration of how easy and simple it is to heal not just others, but also your troubled self on a holistic physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual plane. Having come victorious through her struggles, her life has taken a 360-degree turn, from a busy media manager with a leading newspaper, juggling home and office; Poonam now finds solace in healing others of their miseries.

Attendees Present at the Session

Mr Shoaib Khan, Dr Rohan Jain, Mr Rajendra Singh, Mr Prithvi Raj Kumawat, Ms Lavanya Bahuguna, Mr Dapinder Singh Virk (Rooftop Team), Ms Riya Sharma, Mr Ankit Nama, Mr Kartik Gaggar (Rajasthan Studio Team), Ms Divya Soni, Mr Ritik Hukku,  Ms Priyanka Godara, Mr Aviral Paliwal, Mr Sudhir Goswami, and Mr Narayan Singh Kishnawat and Ms Poonam Hukku

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