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Project Phad se Padh: Everything you need to know

It’s the age when unconventional modes of learning, students today are empowered to learn beyond the classroom. This brings us to the groundbreaking initiative that MSMS II Museum in collaboration with Rooftop, is taking up inspired by the 700-year-old art form of Rajasthan – the Phad painting. With Phad se Padh, Rooftop wants to channel the importance of Indian traditional art and develop an appreciation in young minds of India’s history and heritage. 

Reviving Indian art form

The students select any topic from their course outline and represent modern academics in the form of traditional art. This will not only help them understand a topic better, but it will also encourage them to appreciate the delicacy and details of the traditional art of Phad. Moreover, it aligns with the New Education policy of 2022 and aims to broaden the learning horizon for young minds. Presently, over 30 schools are participating in this project and they’ll be presenting their individual Phad paintings in an exhibition at City Palace museum from 13th December to 16th December 2022.

All about Phad painting

Let’s brief you a little on the art of Phad. Phad painting is an art form of visual storytelling, finding its origins in Shahpur near Bhilwara, Rajasthan. The skills of making the painting is passed down in one family. The Joshi family and generations have contributed remarkably to represent this art form globally. Traditionally, the Phad painting depicts characters from mythological folklore. However, the students of various schools are walking over an unconventional path of learning. Through classrooms and in the field of art with painting about textbooks and societal learnings.

A synergy of traditional art and modern academics

Art itself is a representation and it needs to be nurtured and celebrated. When it comes to Indian art, every region has a distinct art style and appreciation of India’s rich heritage. Rooftop and MSMS II Museum initiated a movement, where the students are encouraged to look beyond and understand the joy of experiential learning. Through art, painting, and the prestigious culture of India. We hope that the beauty of the Indian art form will be realized through the Phad art by young students. In expectance, that the art itself will be given much more prominence than before! 

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