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Mata Ni Pachedi Maestro Course

Chandrakant, Kiran & Kirit Chitara

What I will learn?

  • Basic and advanced motifs
    Natural elements – Sun, Moon, flora and fauna
  • Intricate designs, borders and patterns
  • Colour composition
  • Paintings of different Godesses

About Maestro Course

Each Maestro course is an in-depth online course on traditional Indian art forms. Created in collaboration with award-winning artists and instructors, they are split into different difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced. Join this Mata Ni Pachedi art course and learn Indian art online with Rooftop.

Art Kits

Introducing the Mata Ni Pachedi painting art kit. Get access to a specially curated art workbook along with cloth canvas, tote bag, postcards, bookmarks and stickers.

Mata Ni Pachedi art kit

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Mata ni Pachedi Painting Multi-Level Course

1. Introduction to Shri Chandrakant Bhulabhai Chitara

Meet the National Awardee and master artist of Mata ni Pachedi, Shri Chandrakant Chitara who was tutored by his father, a renowned artist Shri Bhulabhai Chitara.

2. The structure of Mata ni Pachedi

Listen to artist Kirit Chitara Ji explain how a classic Mata ni Pachedi painting follows a particular format.

3. Process of creating Mata ni Pachedi

In this module, artist Kiran Chitara Ji helps you to understand the authentic and traditional method of painting a Mata ni Pachedi tapestry.

4. Motif 1: Toran or Borders

Master artists guide you to understand the importance of borders which is also called torana in a Mata ni Pachedi painting. It also teaches you several variations in making a border.

5. Motif 2: Sun

In this module, the master artist teaches you how to sketch the sun motif in a Mata ni Pachedi painting.

6. Motif 3: Figures surrounding the Goddess

The master artist illustrates and guides you on the ways to portray a priest praying around the Goddess in the Mata ni Pachedi art form.


Chapter 2: Mata ni Pachedi Painting Basic Course

1. Sketching

Welcome to the Basic Course! In this module, Master artist Chandrakant Ji shall begin by explaining how to sketch deer in the Mata ni Pachedi art form.

2. Finalising the sketch

This module is a continuation of the previous one and shall help you finalise the deer motif by using a black pen.

3. Colour Filling

Towards the last step of completing the deer motif, this module explains in detail the colour palette for Mata Ni Pachedi painting and the technique to fill in colours more minutely.


Chapter 3: Mata ni Pachedi Painting Intermediate Course

1. Sketching

Welcome to the Intermediate Course! This course will help you draw complex motifs. Here, the master artist teaches you to illustrate Lord Ganesha and his wives, Riddhi and Siddhi in a traditional Mata Ni Pachedi style

2 . Finalising the sketch

In this module, learn how to precisely outline the sketch of Lord Ganesha and his consorts using a black pen.

3. Colour filling

The next step is to fill in the colours. Follow the master artist, as he explains how to fill in the colours uniformly.


Chapter 4: Mata ni Pachedi Advanced Course

1. Sketching

Welcome to the Advanced Course! Here, after a brief explanation about the reverence of Goddess Bahuchar Mata in this Indian traditional art form, the master artist teaches you how to sketch the Goddess.

2. Finalising the sketch

In this module, learn how to precisely outline the selective parts of the image drawn previously by using a black pen.

3. Colour filling

After completion of your drawing, this module explains the choice of colours and their application in the Mata Ni Pachedi art form.


Chapter 5: Mata ni Pachedi Painting Bonus Course

1. Sketching

Welcome to the Bonus Course! This module explains more minute and relatively complex motifs like the Goddess Bahuchar Mata with her vahaan ( the deity’s mount), a rooster.

2. Finalising the sketch

Learn in easy steps how to outline the motif in your Mata Ni Pachedi painting.

3. Colour filling

Here, the master artist teaches you how to meticulously fill in the colours in your mata ni pachedi artwork and your masterpiece will be complete.

Material Includes

  1. Brushes
    No. 000 (triple zero)
    No. 2, 4, 6, 8, 12
  2. Colours
    Poster colours – primary colours (Red, Green, Blue, Black, White)
  3. Rough cloth, water

About Artist

Master Artist Chandrakant Chitara, his brother Kiran Chitara, and nephew Kirit Chitara are carrying the legacy of their father, a national awardee, Bhulabhai Chitara. Tutored by their father at an early age; the Master artists have put this traditional art form on the global map. Chandrakant and Kiran Chitara in their 30+ years of experience have won several accolades and national awards.


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Benefits Obtained :



Submitting your artwork for review by maestro artists provides an opportunity for critique, validation, and detailed feedback. With the added bonus of receiving a certificate, you can showcase your creativity and potentially turn your artwork into a masterpiece!

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