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Kalighat Art Maestro Course

Anwar Chitrakar

What I will learn?

  • Kalighat traditions of West Bengal
  • Influence of modern concepts and ideas on Kalighat painting
  • Traditional and new techniques of painting
  • Borders, colour shading, patterns and other important aspects of Kalighat

About Maestro Course

Each Maestro course is an in-depth online course on traditional Indian art forms. Created in collaboration with award-winning artists and instructors, they are divided into different difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced. Join this Kalighat art course and learn Indian art online with Rooftop.

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Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Artist Introduction – Anwar Chitrakar

1. Artist’s Journey

Join Anwar Chitrakar as he shares the intriguing stories behind his National Award win in 2006 and discloses the contemporary lens through which he breathes life into his creations.

2. Patua Community

Discover the Patua Community and the qualities that set it apart from other artist communities.

3. Origins of Kalighat Pattachitra

Get a glimpse into an enlightening exploration of Kalighat’s etymology, rich history, origins, features and cultural significance.


Chapter 2: Basic Course

1. Sketching – Jamindar Lady Sitting in a Chair

Welcome to the Basic Course! In this module, Anwar Ji introduces you to the subject of the painting.

2. Colouring – Painting the Lady and the Curtains

Learn the selection of colours in Kalighat and follow the sequential order of painting them.

3. Coloring – Painting the Background

Learn to obtain the correct overtones and recreate the nuances of Kalighat with the instructions of the master artist.

4. Shadow Work – Skin Shadowing

Watch as Anwar Ji gives the human forms a dynamic look with the characteristic techniques of shadow works specific to Kalighat paintings.

5. Shadow Work – Attire and Background

Discover how the master artist deals with obtaining the right look for the drape while painting the attire of the Jamindar lady.

6. Outlining – Outlining the Hookah

Add a distinct visual appeal to your painting through outlining.

7. Outlining – Outlining the Face and Hair

In this section, discover the style and significance behind outlining minute elements of human forms in Kalighat paintings.

8. Outlining – Outlining the Cat

Learn to outline the cat with a simplistic and stylised approach that reflects the folk and naive aesthetics of the art form.

9. Outlining – Outlining the Chair & Lady’s Attire

Delve into the minimalistic yet effective techniques through which the master artist outlines the “chair” and the “lady’s attire” in this artwork.

10. Outlining – Final Touches

Watch Anwar Ji share the quintessential details that are significant in Kalighat paintings.

11. Final Touch – Jewellery

Finally, learn to embellish your artwork with a variety of ornaments specific to the Jamindar community.

12. Final Touch – Hookah Shoes & Background

With expert instruction, explore the art of delicately detailing Hookah shoes, and learn the methods of using brushes as per your skill.


Chapter 3: Intermediate Course

1. Sketching – Krishna Figure Sketching

In this intermediate Kalighat course, join the artist as he sketches Lord Krishna, explaining the border-spacing details.

2. Sketching – Radha Figure Sketching

In this module, the master artist continues the creative journey by sketching Radha ji beside Krishna ji.

3. Sketching – Attire & Kadamb Tree

Join Anwar Ji as he sketches the enchanting attire of Radha Krishna and the graceful Kadamb tree.

4. Colouring – Body of Krishna and Radha

Learn from Anwar Ji as he adds colours to the sacred figures of Krishna and Radha.

5. Colouring – Trees

In this engaging section of the Kalighat intermediate course, discover the art of colouring trees with master artist Anwar Ji.

6. Colouring – Attire

Join master artist Anwar Chitrakar Ji as he demonstrates the art of colouring attire in Kalighat style.

7. Colouring – Background Fauna

In this enriching lesson, discover the magic of colouring background fauna in Kalighat art and learn the techniques used to create lush natural settings.

8. Shadow Work – Blue Shadowing on Krishna

Learn the art of shadow work as the master artist demonstrates blue shadowing on Lord Krishna in Kalighat style.

9. Shadow Work – Orange Shadowing on Radha & Krishna

In this segment, Anwar Ji reveals the intricacies of shadow work with orange shadowing on Radha and Krishna in Kalighat art.

10. Shadow Work – Body Parts & Attire

Learn the techniques to add realism and dimension to the divine figures of Radha and Krishna, making their forms and clothing come alive on the canvas.

11. Outlining – Krishna & Kadamb Tree

In this engaging section, Anwar Ji demonstrates the intricate art of outlining Krishna and the graceful Kadamb tree in Kalighat style.

12. Outlining – Radha & Attire

Learn the precise detailing and strokes to bring grace and beauty to Radha, making her shine in the paintings.

13. Outlining – Hairstyle & Borders

Watch as Master artist Anwar Ji showcases the technique of outlining hairstyles and borders in Kalighat style.

14. Outlining – Flora

Discover the skilful strokes used to depict the vibrant flora that complements the divine figures of Radha and Krishna.

15. Final Touch – Jewellery of Radha and Krishna

Anwar Chitrakar ji adds the final touch to Radha and Krishna’s attire by focusing on their intricate jewellery in Kalighat style.

16. Final Touch – Attire Ornamentation

In this final lesson, learn to ace the techniques to embellish the clothing of Radha and Krishna in the paintings.


Chapter 4: Advanced Course

1. Sketching – Jamindar Babu

In this Advanced Kalighat course, join master artist Anwar Chitrakar ji as he starts sketching jamindar babu and explaining the border-spacing details.

2. Sketching – Britisher

In this lesson, learn the art of sketching a Britisher in the captivating style of Kalighat painting.

3. Sketching – Jamindar Biwi

Learn to sketch a Jamindar’s biwi in this exciting course as our talented master artist guides you through each stroke.

4. Sketching – Temple

Learn the intricate techniques of Kalighat painting as you sketch a stunning temple.

5. Colour Making – Yellow Red Rust & Blue

Join in to watch Anwar Chitrakar Ji reveal the art of colour-making, exploring the shades of yellow, red, rust, and blue in Kalighat style.

6. Color Making – Green White & Black

Discover the art of colour-making in Kalighat style, as the master artist guides you through the creation of green, white, and black shades.

7. Colouring – Figures

Discover the techniques and vibrant colours used to bring life to motifs of a Britisher, a jamindar, and his wife.

8. Colouring – Background

In this engaging section, master artist Anwar Chitrakar Ji explores the art of colouring backgrounds in Kalighat style.

9. Shadow Work – Orange and Red Shadow

Delve into the art of shadow work with orange and red shadows in Kalighat style to create depth and drama.

10. Shadow Work – Black Rust & Blue Shadow

In this captivating video, discover the art of shadow work with black, rust, and blue shadows in Kalighat style, guided by master artist Anwar Chitrakar Ji.

11. Outlining – Black Outlining

In this lesson, the artist demonstrates the technique of the characteristic black outlining in the Kalighat style.

12. Final Touch – Attire and Jewellery

In this exciting course finale, master artist Anwar Chitrakar ji imparts the final touch to the enchanting attire and exquisite jewellery of the jamindar and his wife in Kalighat style.

Material Includes

  1. Brushes
    No. 000 (triple zero)
    No. 2, 4, 6, 8, 12
  2. Colours
    Poster colours – primary colours (Red, Green, Blue, Black, White)
  3. Rough cloth, water

About Artist

Master artist Anwar Chitrakar is a Bengali patua who specialises in the style of Kalighat paintings that originated in the 19th century. He paints contemporary themes interspersed with traditional mythological references.

His work has graced several collections and exhibitions, such as ‘Roop’ at the Percept Art Gallery in Mumbai, the Namaste India Japan Festival in 2012, the Berlin Festival in 2012, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Mumbai International Airport.


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Benefits Obtained :



Submitting your artwork for review by maestro artists provides an opportunity for critique, validation, and detailed feedback. With the added bonus of receiving a certificate, you can showcase your creativity and potentially turn your artwork into a masterpiece!

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