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Gond Art Maestro Course

Venkat Singh Shyam

What I will learn?

  • Use of bright and vibrant colours
  • Multiple pattern designs
  • 5-step technique to improve Gond art designs
  • Importance of storytelling and imagination on Gond art

About Maestro Course

Each Maestro course by Rooftop App is an in-depth online course on traditional Indian art forms. Created in collaboration with award-winning artists and instructors, they are divided into different difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced. Join this Gond art course and learn Indian art online with Rooftop.

Art Kits

Introducing the Gond painting art kit. Get access to a specially curated art workbook along with cloth canvas, tote bag, postcards, bookmarks and stickers.

Gond art kit

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Gond Painting Multi-Level Course

1. Introduction to Gond Painting

Welcome! This module gives you an interesting insight into the 1400-year-old art form of the Gond community from Madhya Pradesh, India.

2. Introduction to Shri Venkat Raman Singh Shyam

Meet master artist Shri Venkat Raman Singh Shyam, one of India’s leading Gond painting artist with an experience of 40 years.

3. History of Gond Painting

Listen to the interesting similarities between Gond art and Aboriginal art, explained by the master artist. This module also gives an overview of Gond art patterns and their significance.

4. Origin of Gond Painting

In this module, you shall get a peek into the origin of Gond art and the current geographical distribution of the community that practices Gond painting.

5. Patterns in Gond Painting

Here, learn Shri Venkat Raman Singh Shyam’s two signature Gond art patterns and understand the meaning behind them.

6. Brushes in Gond Painting

Listen to the master artist as he explains how traditional brushes were made using twigs and fibre from tree bark to make a Gond painting.

7. Colours in Gond Painting

This module provides you with a deeper understanding of the preparation of natural colours and their application in Gond art painting.

8. Brief, Overview of the Creative Process

Get a simplified, 5-step guide to Venkat Shyam Ji’s creative process as the master artist demonstrates with a sketch. This module shall give you an overview of the Gond art painting process.

9. Importance of Lines and Dots

Here, master artist Venkat Shyam Ji helps you understand with examples the importance of Gond art patterns, that is, lines and dots.


Chapter 2: Gond Painting Basic Course

Introduction to Basic Course

Welcome to the Basic Course! In this module, you will learn to sketch and paint a bird in the Gond painting style with some additional tips from the master artist.

1. Sketching

Here you will learn gradually how to begin the sketching of the Gond art motif, a bird in the traditional Gond painting style.

2. First Colour Coat

The fun begins now! This module shall teach you how to apply the first layer of colours to your Gond painting.

3. Second Colour Coat

Learn the technique to apply a second colour coat to your Gond painting to make the Gond art pattern and motifs stand out.

4. Add Details

Follow the artist as he demonstrates the ways to add details to your Gond painting.

5. Further Detailing

It’s time to give the final touches to your Gond painting. Towards the end of this module, you shall learn how to minutely add more Gond art patterns to your painting.


Chapter 3: Gond Painting Intermediate Course

Introduction to Intermediate Course

Welcome to the Intermediate Course! This course shall guide you through the sketching and painting of relatively more detailed Gond art patterns, an elephant and a tree in Gond painting style.

1. Sketching

In this module, learn how to precisely sketch the elephant and the tree for your Gond painting.

2. Colouring

Follow Venkat Shyam Ji as he teaches how to mix and create different colours to make a specific shade. This module will help you learn the application of colours.

3. Adding Details

Making Gond art patterns is therapeutic! Experience the joy of adding details and creating patterns in your simple Gond painting.

4. Further Detailing

While adding further details to your Gond painting, listen to the master artist narrate the interesting history of the Gond community of India.

5. Adding Details to the Tree

In this module, the master artist shall guide you through the process of filling in the Gond art patterns with fine details

Final Details

This is the last module of the Intermediate course which teaches you the most important Gond art pattern, that is the dot and its application to complete your Gond art painting.


Chapter 4: Gond Painting Advanced Course

Introduction to Advanced Course

Welcome to the Advanced Course! Here, Shri Venkat Shyam Ji shall narrate and explain the tale of creation of the Gonds while illustrating it.

1. Sketching and Story

Follow the artist as he teaches in simple steps the sketching of complex composition of Gond art motif that portrays the creation of Gond people and get an understanding of its significance.

2. Colouring

This module explains you the importance of base colours in Gond painting that is essential for creating the right background for patterns that shall be drawn on it.

3. Adding Details

Learn the art of making the traditional Gond art line pattern in your painting in easy steps as shown by the master artist.

4. Further Detailing

Here, master artist Venkat Shyam Ji explains the importance of choice of colours and pattern in a Gond painting while showing how to further add details to the motif.

5. Final Details

This is the last module of the advanced course which shall help you in understanding the application of Gond art dot pattern in your artwork. By the end of this module, you shall have your Gond painting completed!

Material Includes

  1. Brushes
    No. 000 (triple zero)
    No. 2, 4, 6, 8, 12
  2. Colours
    Poster colours – primary colours (Red, Green, Blue, Black, White)
  3. Black markers
  4. Rough cloth, water

About Artist

Venkat Raman Singh Shyam is one of India’s leading Gond art artists and has been perfecting his art for the past 40 years. After receiving tutelage under established Gond artist Padma Shri Jangarh Singh Shyam Ji, his uncle, Shri Venkant Shyam Ji went on to carve a niche with his unique motifs with significant meanings attached to it. He has brought the Indian Traditional art of Gond to the global forefront with several exhibitions and an animated movie “Gond Folktale”.


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Benefits Obtained :



Submitting your artwork for review by maestro artists provides an opportunity for critique, validation, and detailed feedback. With the added bonus of receiving a certificate, you can showcase your creativity and potentially turn your artwork into a masterpiece!

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