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Bhil Art Maestro Course

Padma Shri Bhuri Bai

What I will learn?

  • Beautiful and distinct dot patterns of Bhil
  • Colour composition of bright shades
  • Optimum use of empty spaces in artwork motifs
  • Unique motifs based on animals, plants and birds local to Madhya Pradesh

About Maestro Course

Each Maestro course is an in-depth online course on traditional Indian art forms. Created in collaboration with award-winning artists and instructors, they are split into different difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced. Join this Bhil art course and learn Indian art online with Rooftop.

Art Kits

Introducing the Bhil painting art kit. Get access to a specially curated art workbook along with cloth canvas, tote bag, postcards, bookmarks and stickers.

Bhil painting art kit

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Bhil Painting Multi-Level Course

1. Introduction to Shrimati Bhuri Bai

Meet master artist Bhuri Bai, an experienced and renowned Bhil artist who shall help you embark upon the journey of making Bhil art painting.

2. Colours of Bhil Painting

Listen to the master artist sharing her knowledge about Bhil art colours which were used traditionally and also the reason why there has been a gradual change in them today.

3. Basic Motifs in Bhil art

In this module, artist Bhuri Bai Ji will help you understand the prominent motifs in Bhil painting.


Chapter 2: Bhil Painting Basic Course (Gal Bapsi)

1. Introduction to Basic Course

Welcome to the Basic Course! In this module, Bhuri Bai Ji shall give a brief introduction to Bhil art followed by steps to sketch, colour and make Bhil art easy for you.

2. Outline and colour filling

The fun begins here! Learn to use a paintbrush to outline the sketch and how to fill colour in your Bhil painting. The master artist also teaches finger imprint techniques to make designs.

3. Beautification

In this module, learn how to meticulously fill in the colours and understand the symbolic motifs to be added to your Bhil painting.


Chapter 3: Bhil Painting Basic Course (Bharadi)

1. Sketching

This module teaches you how to draw different motifs related Bhil caste and rituals.

2. Colouring

Observe the vivid colours used by artist Bhuri Bai to fill in the Bhil art drawing.

3. Detailing

It’s all in the details! This module is a hands-on experience to learn signature Bhil art patterns like dots that enhance the characters and objects in the Bhil painting.


Chapter 4: Bhil Painting Advanced Course

1. Sketching

Advanced course module helps you to get finesse and practice of complex motifs. Learn to sketch the Bhil drawing using a pencil.

2. Colouring filling

Here, learn to minutely fill the colours in your Bhil painting

3. Adding Details

In this module, learn to use a fine paintbrush to fill a complex peacock motif with dot pattern and also other details in your Bhil painting.

Material Includes

  1. Brushes
    No. 000 (triple zero)
    No. 2, 4, 6, 8, 12
  2. Colours
    Poster colours – primary colours (Red, Green, Blue, Black, White)
  3. Black marker
  4. Rough cloth, water

About Artist

Artist Padma Shri Bhuri Bai began her artistic journey with a humble background at the age of ten in her village which lies between Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The great figure of modern Indian art, Jagdish Swaminathan recognised her unique Bhil art at Bhopal Bharat Bhavan and since then the artist has been known widely for her talent.


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Benefits Obtained :



Submitting your artwork for review by maestro artists provides an opportunity for critique, validation, and detailed feedback. With the added bonus of receiving a certificate, you can showcase your creativity and potentially turn your artwork into a masterpiece!

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