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Warli Essentials Art Book

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Warli Essentials Art Book

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Do you want to learn traditional Indian art forms but don’t want to be held back by your lack of knowledge and experience? The Warli Essentials Art Book is the perfect art activity book for learners that will ensure a strong learning foundation and ensure that your Indian art learning process goes smoothly. Warli art is a tribal art form that originated in Maharashtra. It is primarily associated with the depiction of community and cultural beliefs. Through the Warli Essentials Art Book’s chapters, you’ll be exposed to the prominent designs and motifs of Warli art. This book aims to deepen your knowledge, help you learn the basics, and start exploring more complex subjects and compositions.
  • Introduction to Maharashtra’s Warli tribal art
  • Learn the history of the art form
  • Explore motifs, themes, and patterns
  • Art tips, practice exercises, and more!

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