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Cheriyal Elementary Art Book

Cheriyal Elementary Art Book

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Do you think Indian tribal art forms are too complicated for kids to learn? Well, think again, because the Cheriyal Elementary Art Book is the best learning tool for them to start their Indian art journey. This book teaches the colours, patterns, and styles of the Cheriyal art form in a fun yet informative way, through quizzes, trivia, and hands-on practice activities. Cheriyal scroll art from Telangana features multiple panels and scenes from daily life, as well as narratives from myths and folklore. Kids will love experimenting with its stylized narratives and expressing their ideas through its vibrant colours and motifs.
  • Introduction to Telangana’s Cheriyal art
  • History of the art form and cultural elements
  • Motifs, themes, and patterns
  • Art tips, practice exercises, and more!

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