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Print Design Workshop With Moksharth Vora

Print Design Workshop

Print Design Workshop: A graphic design process used to print designs on a tangible surface like paper or cloth – this is what print designing is all about. Used to print book covers, clothes, shopping bags, etc., it is quite interesting to know the entire print designing process that goes behind creating these beautiful prints. Rooftop invited Moksharth Vora for this unique Print Design Workshop. He has been working for more than 10 years in the fashion industry with top retail brands such as Pantaloons, Raymond, Ethnicity etc. A fashion designer from Ahmedabad, he is currently working as a freelance artist. He also has his own label which goes by the name Arthayu.

The Print Design Workshop Began

After sharing little insights about the print designing technique, Moksharth Vora began the workshop. He explained the entire process that goes behind making printed garments. All 85 participants listened attentively to Moksharth as he explained the step by step process of repeat print making. From drawing the basic outline of the design on paper to duplicating it on the designing software, he explained the entire process.  He also showed few of his works.

Our attendees were very curious and raised several queries regarding the print design process. Moksharth patiently responded to all their questions and even suggested to them some designing softwares. Though he could not finish colouring his design due to lack of time, he asked the participants to feel free to connect with him on social media for any further questions and to see the final outcome of the design. 

Towards The End Of The Workshop

The participants were designing along with him and were very fast learners. They were very enthusiastic about print design and even requested for another workshop for the same. Overall it was an interesting, informative and innovative experience organized by Rooftop.

Rooftop aims to create a platform for artists to learn, teach and show their art. We regularly organize such innovative and fun workshops to keep everyone productive and safe.

On that note, here’s us signing off until next time.

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