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Poetry & Perspective Session with Dr. Bhavya Soni

Poetry Rajasthan Studio

A blank verse may not have a defined structure, but there still could be grammar and emotion — oodles of it – in its formless expression that Dr Bhavya Soni was quick to point out to her assembled guests at this by-invitation, Rooftop session for the artist community. He helped participants figure out the elusive with an extemporary exercise people took turns in writing the lines of poetry, before they fell in pace with the rhythm of things.

The session sparked new ideas and puts individuals in touch with their inner, empathetic selves. And while writers’ retreats call for huge commitments of time and money, a poetry jam session of this nature can be informal, improvisational and affordable–even free – as this one was.

Attendees Present at the Session

Ms. Shaista Mehzabeen and Ms. Shweta Khurana

Mr. Kalyan Gianchandani, Mr. Sandeep Charan, Mr. Aayush Bhanot, Mr. Azaz Ul Haq, Mr. Usman Sheikh, Dr. Bhavya Soni, Mr. Rohit Nandan, Mr. Anurag Soni and Mr. Vishal Gupta

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