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Phad se Padh JKK Edition

Phad se Padh at JKK

Padh se Padh: A Pedagogy Project 2023

The artistic buzz was palpable on the morning of 28th March at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) in Jaipur. And we must say, that it continued with the same fervour for all the 3 days! The outdoors was adorned with colourful flowers but once inside, one was greeted with the stunning Phad paintings on the wall display created by students from across 50 schools. All were welcome to view the Phad se Padh: A Pedagogy Project 2023 held from 28th to 30th March, organized by Rooftop in collaboration with MSMS II Museum Trust. The participating schools included Subodh Public School (Rambagh) on Day 1, DPS, Sanakar, Palace School, St. Edmunds on Day 2, and Maharaja Sawai Bhavani Singh School, S.V Public School, Dharav High School on Day 3. 

Creating art at Phad se Padh at JKK

However, at JKK there was more than just admiring the paintings. The tables strewn with Phad-themed sketches and paints made it hard to miss the artistic vibes. During the event, children and adults filled colours into the Phad sketches creating bright bookmarks, stickers, and postcards. An assortment of which were spread throughout various counters. Vistors and students also downloaded the Rooftop app to experience the Indian art forms come alive on one single platform.

Phad paintings display and digital performances

The interactive 3-day exhibition from 28th – 30th March also included the book launch of Phad se Padh and a digital screening of performances by students from the participating schools. These cultural performances were held from 13th to 16th December at the grand City Palace, Jaipur. The Phad paintings originated as mobile temples. In earlier days, priests/singers called ‘Bhopas’ and ‘Bhopis’ travelled from village to village, unfolding the Phad and performing the tales painted on it through song and dance. And hence, the students through song, dance, and narrations relived and illustrated the impact, influence, and the way Phad paintings were traditionally recited. Visitors at JKK could view these performances on screen, alongside, of course, viewing the Phad paintings made by the students and creating their personalized Phad souvenirs.

Created with exceptional detailing and technique, Phad paintings are a treasure trove of skill, creativity, and heritage. Rooftop’s Phad se Padh aims to bring the spotlight on traditional arts and make the Phad paintings accessible to all. Inviting school participation and involving students in creating the Phad paintings is a great way to educate the younger generation about this traditional heritage art form. Besides, displaying Phad paintings at the City Palace, Jaipur Literature Festival and Cultural Center of CCRT along with fantastic performances by the students of different schools, the Phad se Padh initiative is a celebration of bringing this change in the academic history of India.

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