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Phad se Padh Book Launch at JKK

Phad se Padh book launch at JKK

Phad se Padh at JKK Book Launch

Rooftop in collaboration with MSMS II Museum Trust organized Phad se Padh: A Pedagogy Project at Jawahar Kala Kendra from 28th to 30th March 2023. Supported by Rajasthan Tourism, more than 50 schools across Jaipur and Delhi participated in the event. The Phad se Padh book was launched by Meenakshi Lekhi (Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture of India) during the event.

Phad se Padh Book – An Art-Integrated Educational Program

Phad se Padh aims at involving students in the preservation and continuity of this traditional art. The art-integrated education program acts as a perfect bridge between modern education and traditional arts.

The students from different schools were encouraged to create a Phad painting that explained topics and concepts from their current curriculum and syllabus. The book is a compilation of the splendid collective work done by the students. The Phad paintings of each school are printed along with short write-ups of what they learned from the Phad se Padh initiative.

For instance, Sanskar School (Jaipur) explained the evolution of money and payment through their Phad painting. Maheshwari Public School Pratap Nagar (Jaipur) illustrated the Chipko Movement, whereas, Spring Days School (Delhi NCR) depicted ‘18 Kabir Ke Neeti Parakh Dohe’. Similarly, other schools used the Phad paintings to represent topics that they have learnt in school.

Thus, this project also aims to work closely with the New Education Policy (NEP) in integrating the traditional arts with the classroom curriculum. And the results are heart-warming! Students with the guidance of teachers have used the storytelling facet of the Phad paintings ingeniously, to examine academic content using the techniques and skills of traditional art.

What’s More?

Besides, the contributions by the schools, the Phad se Padh book also gives significant insight into the art. It introduces Phad paintings, their history and origins and the techniques, process, themes etc. used by the art form. Also, it talks about the artist family who created the Phad paintings and the Bhopa and Bhopis who acted as storytellers and through performances explained the illustrations on the paintings. The book also touches upon the current state of the Phad art form, the challenges it faces and the solutions that can help.

Additionally, the book contains forewords by Meenakshi Lekhi, as well as, Kartik Gaggar, CEO & Founder of Rooftop. Renowned Phad artists, Kalyan Joshi and Abhishek Joshi too have shared their thoughts on the Phad se Padh initiative by team Rooftop.

The Phad se Padh book is more than just a series of art by students or an anecdote on Phad paintings. It is a symbolic manifestation of how educationally traditional knowledge of art can sustain and flourish. Also, both mutually benefit each other. On one hand, academic concepts get reinforced and are learned in an enjoyable way using the arts. On the other hand, art itself continues to survive and finds its place in the hearts and minds of the younger generation. And the Phad se Padh book will always be a documented reminder of the same.

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