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Phad Art workshop with Sourabh Soni

Phad Art workshop with Sourabh Soni

A 700-year-old legacy that is passed down over generations within a single family, Phad finds its origins in Shahpura, near Bhilwara, Rajasthan. Phad is a type of scroll painting that narrates elaborate religious stories of local deities. traditional paintings were carried by priest-singers of the Rabari tribe, called Bhopas and Bhopis, who would sing and perform stories of their local deities – Devnarayanji (a reincarnation of Vishnu) and Pabuji (a local hero).

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About The Artist

Sourabh Soni is a Phad artist and has been into the art form professionally for 10 years. He has won accommodate for his contribution as a Phad artist.

The Workshop Began

Sourabh greeted all the participants and thanked the host for the introduction. He first started drawing the portrait of man and woman on the canvas and then continued to paint the lady in skin color for the hands and face and green for the top and skirt with blue, yellow, brown, and crimson red. He concluded his artwork by outlining the woman portrait in black color with a finishing touch.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

Sourabh painted a colorful and beautiful painting of the woman portrait in different shades of blue, yellow, green, and red. All the participants appreciated and showed their co-created Phad art to Sourabh. The host thanked Sourabh for teaching this art form.

The attendees were from different age groups who belonged from various parts of the country, as they all were enthusiastic during the workshop and reconnected with their love for art. All the participants showcased their artwork as the Circle Community brought them together on a single platform. The Circle Community was successful in connecting artists and participants and created an artistic positive vibe together. 

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