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Pencil Sketching Portrait Workshop with Himanshi Purohit

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Learning never stops and shouldn’t stop either. As a creative mind, there is no full stop to things we do. We constantly evolve and explore, that’s how we learn and win. For an artist exploring different mediums is the key to survival. That’s how they sustain their zeal. Pencil Sketching is one strong medium that artists will to explore with great enthusiasm and pride. It allows individuals to create the best pieces that not only satisfies them but also help them earn an income. There are ample aspects that one can learn to win expertise over the art medium. And one such opportunity to explore and earn expertise in the art form is provided by the Circle Community through Pencil Sketching Portrait Workshop by the expert, Himanshi Purohit. It responsibly walks you through in depths of pencil sketching and well aware you of tips & tricks to mark an effective reach.

About the Artist:-

Himanshi Purohit is a working associate consultant and a college gold medalist who holds a keen interest and desire to explore numerous art and art forms. She holds years of experience and expertise in Sketching and associated art forms.

The workshop began:-

The exciting pencil sketching workshop began with the host sharing an introduction about the expert, Himanshi Purohit and her contribution to art and associated forms over the years. On successful introduction, Himanshi took over the session and began with briefing essentials to remember when practising Pencil Sketching. She then showed the portrait that was to be made by the wrap of the session and began with step by step briefing to acquire the final result. Himanshi made special stress on keeping the learners in the loop with the steps followed. She also remained open to questions and queries that resisted the best of the learners. Through her guidance and clear supervision, attendees made the best out of the session.

Towards the end of the workshop:-

With the constant guidance and supervision of Himanshi, the attendees were able to co-create effective pencil sketches. These attendees were of different ages deeply passionate and dedicated towards the idea of exploring multiple art forms. In the end, these attendees also received an opportunity to showcase their final pieces and win constructive feedback on the same. The session without a doubt evolved to be the most fruitful one. The Circle Community, as always, was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!Also, for more information on upcoming Circle Experiences, follow us on Instagram.

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