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Pattachitra Workshop With Monali Mohanty

Pattachitra Workshop With Monali Mohanty

There is nothing more wholesome and gratifying as learning an art form that is abundant in history, culture, and colors! At Rajasthan Studio, we are consciously attempting to curate such experiences for all you art lovers out there! This time, in collaboration with Ms. Monali Mohanty, we organized a Pattachitra Workshop. Through this wonderful experience, we associated with several creative minds and witnessed amazing artworks! What’s more is that together, we learned about this art form and the intriguing stories associated with it.

What does Pattachitra Art truly signify?

Pattachitra Art is known for its detailed, ornamental, and intricate aesthetic. This art form associates with mythological narratives and folktales of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Krishna, and Lord Ganesha to name a few. Originally, Pattachitra came into existence after the foundation of the Jagannatha temple was laid in Orissa. It was curated to decorate the temple. Over the years, Pattachitra has gained importance and relates with 2 kinds, namely- Tala Pattachitra (Painted on dry leaves) and Pattachitra (Painted on cotton or silk cloth)

The trajectory of the Workshop

The overwhelming response always amazes us for our Circle Experiences. For the Pattachitra Workshop too, the number of artists who attended this experience gave us a taste of success.

The workshop commenced with Ms. Monali Mohanty explaining to us about the greatness of this art form. Simple and rustic in appearance, Pattachitra requires a great deal of patience and hard-work, and an eye for detail! Followed by this conversation with the artist, we began illustrating our art works! The process started from drawing the border for the artwork to the intricate details in the motif!

In between the workshop, we were enlightened with some refreshing facts about Pattachitra! The border is an essential part of this art form because it helps create a negative space so that the artwork doesn’t look too clustered! Also, the white colour originally used in Pattachitra Art, is made by crushing Sea shells to powder and mixing it with water! In fact, all the colours used by traditional Pattachitra artists are 100% organic. Even their paint brushes are self-made from domestic animals! Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Now imagine being able to do it hands-on!

Towards the end of the workshop

By the end of it, everyone showcased diverse and beautiful artworks. This is the best part about our Circle Experiences at Rajasthan Studio. We get to say hello to the artist in you!

You know we hate saying good-byes. So be there for our next experience!

Until then, keep creating!

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