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Paitkar Workshop With Sonam Ahuja

Paitkar workshop with Sonam Ahuja

‘Paitkar’ is the traditional painting of Amadubi, a village situated in the Eastern part of Jharkhand. This art form is present in the village since ancient times. The Paitkar paintings are also popularly known as the scroll paintings of Jharkhand. Pata painting is one of the earliest folk paintings of India. Paitkar artists use palm leaves as the base of the art and the brushes are made from the hair of squirrels and goats. Rooftop brings you a beginner-friendly Paitkar Workshop with Sonam Ahuja.

About The Artist

Sonam is a self-taught artist who specializes in Indian Folk Art and is passionate about Indian art forms.

The Paitkar Workshop Began

Sonam greeted all the participants and thanked the host for the introduction. She started the workshop by sketching different characters on her canvas. These included a tree, leaves, birds, and two women. She then proceeded to paint her artwork. Ahuja chose shades of yellow and orange to paint the women and their sarees. She then painted the natural elements like the bark of the tree, leaves, and the bird in brown, green, and yellow colours respectively. She concluded her artwork by outlining the painting with black paint.

Towards the End of the Workshop

Sonam painted a beautiful women’s portrait. She used different shades of green and orange to define her saree. The attendees appreciated this bright and colourful piece of art. All the participants then showed their co-created Paitkar art to Sonam. The host thanked Sonam for her time and knowledge.

The attendees were from different age groups who belonged from various parts of the country, as they all were enthusiastic during the workshop and reconnected with their love for art. All the participants showcased their artwork as Rooftop brought them together on a single platform.

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