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Overcome Your Fear of Oil Painting With These Easy Steps!

10 ways to overcome your fear of oil painting

Are you inspired by the Mona Lisa but too scared to start painting? Do you also want to create something as vibrant as Starry Night? Rooftop has got you covered with some easy steps that will help you overcome your fear of oil painting!  

Oil paint, as the name suggests, is made by mixing pigments of colours with an oil medium. When the oil in the paint meets oxygen, it oxidizes which causes the paint to dry. Oil paints have a much slower drying process than other media like acrylics and watercolours. This along with the use of paint thinners and turpentine makes oil paints a daunting medium to conquer. However, the following steps will help you overcome this fear of oil painting.

Find and Organize a Painting Space

Finding a well-lit and ventilated space to paint is a great starting point to deal with oil paints and solvents. The process of oil painting can be messy. An organized space will allow you to think clearly and paint as calmly as possible. 

Start Small

You do not have to take on a big painting project on your first try. It is best to start small and practice until you perfect oil painting techniques. Allow yourself the time to learn and be patient with yourself when you do not get it right the first time.

Find The Right Oil Painting Tools

As a beginner, oil painting can seem like an expensive hobby to have. However, it is not necessary to buy the most expensive brushes and paints. Talk to other painters, surf the internet, and attend Rooftop workshops to find tools that work the best for you and are within your budget.

A Limited Palette  

Painting with 4-5 colours at once will make your life easier. It will be less confusing and also help you develop your colour mixing skills. Oil paints offer a wide range of light to dark shades which can be achieved with only a few colours!

Using Oil Mixers And Chemical Solvents

Oil paints are unique. Unlike acrylics or gouache paints, they cannot be used with solvents like water. Finding an oil mixer medium is essential for thinning the paints, cleaning the brushes, and the process of painting itself. Working with chemicals or turpentine can be daunting. Using linseed oil, walnut oil, etc. as mixer mediums is a safer option.

Clean Your Brushes Regularly 

While using oil paints, remember to clean your brush in between each coat and while painting. Use a mixing medium like linseed oil to clean your brushes. This practice will allow you to preserve your brushes for a longer period. It will also prevent your painting from looking dull!

Experiment With Different Painting Techniques

The best thing about oil paints is that they are versatile. Try out new painting techniques like impasto, wet-on-wet, and dry brush techniques. Try experimenting with different painting surfaces such as canvas, wood, or paper. This will help you understand the medium better! 

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Drying Oil Painting

Thicker layers have more oil in them. This will slow down the drying process. Diluting your paint with thinners will help them dry faster. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

Your paintings won’t turn out exactly the way you envisioned them the first time. Painting takes time to perfect. Accept that you will make mistakes and do not give up. It is all part of the learning process!

Most Importantly, Have Patience And Enjoy Yourself!

Oil paints are versatile and flexible. They offer you a richer and denser pigment and the ability to paint in layers. The slow drying process is scary and sometimes even frustrating but it is important to appreciate the medium for what it is and what it offers. The brilliant textures and hues of oil paints can only be achieved with patience and practice. 

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