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One Stroke Painting on Pot with Latika Goyal

One Stroke Painting On Pot Workshop

Painting has evolved enormously over the years. It has stayed in the hearts of artists and has been celebrated as the most expressive form of art since olden times. One gets to blend their inner thoughts and emotions using a wide variety of colours and present it to the world in the most dignified manner. 

But is it only limited to practising it as a hobby? Well, absolutely not! We’ve evolved and evolved for the better. This evolution has brought us an incredible list of opportunities and options to monetize our hobbies and passions. And to do that all you need is to invest the right way. 

Therefore, to help you explore and understand the area better, The Circle Community is here with a constructive One Stroke Painting on Pot Workshop with Latika Goyal. This is all you will need to start strong. 

About the Artist

Latika Goyal is an exceptionally inspiring individual holding a master’s degree in Finance and Painting. She has her diploma in textile designing and is currently serving two major firms that are Gaura Exports and Central Academy School. She’s also presenting herself as an Art Teacher at DPS. Art has been a crucial part of her life for about more than 15 years now. She started out painting as a hobby but is currently expertly monetizing it.

The Workshop Began

The workshop began with the introduction of Latika Goyal and then swiftly shifted to the actual motive i.e One Stroke Painting on the Pot. It started with a black coloured pot where Latika used the blend of blue and white acrylic paint colours to begin her masterpiece. 

She slowly engraved in the process and made a wonderful piece of floral decor on the pot using colours like Blue, White, Green and Yellow. Furthermore, an enthralling design was practised on a paper as well as another big reddish-brown pot. 

Throughout, the workshop learners got to know a number of tricks and blending hacks that surely amazed and inspired them. 

Towards The End of the Workshop

The One Stroke Painting on the Pot workshop was initiated and brought to climax in the most constructive manner. It was a successful workshop, where learners in the end grabbed an opportunity to share their piece of work practised with Latika Goyal. 

They received effective feedback on the same and were encouraged to practice it with even more passion and dedication. The participants for the workshop were a blend of different ages which made learning even more fun and interactive. 

The session truly turned out to be an extraordinary pick for budding artists looking for variety and exposure to culture. The Circle Community acted as a commendable commutator between the artists and the mentor through the workshop. It plans to put down several other workshops to effectively aware & enlighten the curators of today.  

On this note, here’s us signing off until the next time!

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