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On This Janmasthami Know How Lord Krishna Influences The World Of Indian Art 

Krishna And Indian Art

The life of Krishna and his teachings have a great influence on the minds of people as well as artists. The legends and stories of Krishna are spread across the whole Indian theology, philosophy and culture. Besides having a prominent religious perception, the devotees of Lord Krishna influences the world of Indian art, literature and paintings. 

The Krishna Theme In Indian Painting

One of the most magnificent, realistic, childlike and naughty figures in Hindu religious scriptures with un-ending stories has inspired creative minds and made his presence in timeless pieces of sculptures, arts and crafts for a long period. Rooftop brings you 5 such Indian art forms that depict legendary tales of Lord Krishna influences the world of Indian art

Pichwai Paintings

Image credits: Gaatha (1); Research Gate (2)

The term Pichwai is a Hindi word, literally meaning “of behind “, a traditional art form practised in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. The numerous incidents associated with his life are integral parts of pichwai paintings.

Two episodes depicted in several pichwais and paintings are those of events relating to Mount Govardhana, i.e., Annakuta and the Ras Lila. ‘Annakoot’ which translates to ‘Mountain of Food’ shows how Shrinathji saved the residents of Braj from the storm that Indra, the Rain God caused. ‘Ras Lila’ depicts the child life of Lord Krishna dancing with Gopis. 

Pattachitra Paintings

Image credits: Pinterest (1); Exotic India Art (2)

Pattachitra style of painting is one of the oldest. It is most famous art forms practised all over India, especially in Odisha and West Bengal. The name Pattachitra has evolved from the Sanskrit word meaning picture. The Pattachitra artists also known as the chitrakars, predominantly paintings based on the theme of Hindu mythology, the Badhia showing the depiction of the temple of Jagannath, Krishna Lila depicting an enactment of Jagannath as Lord Krishna displaying his powers as a child, and Dasabatara Patti showing the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Tanjore Paintings

Image credits: India Mart (1); Tarang Arts (2); Amazon (3)

The paintings chiefly depict Hindu deities & saints, lord Krishna being the chief subject. Episodes from Hindu scriptures like Puranas and other religious texts were also painted with the main figure of lord Krishna placed in the central section of the picture. Tanjore painting is a royal,  classy & ancient art of South India. It is the southern pride in India. Most of these paintings were done in temples across India. Every detail in the painting is carefully carved with gold foil & acrylic paints. Again, you will find the majority of the Tanjore paintings based on the themes of Lord Krishna and his immoral tales.

Mysore Paintings

Mysore Painting
Image credits: Tumblr (1); Dsource (2); (3)

Some popular subjects like Lord Rama’s life story or kid Krishna with his mother Yashoda are often seen in Mysore paintings. Along with other more rare perceptions of Vaishnavite saints, mythologically strong figures related to Lord Krishna. Avatars such as Garuda, or Vishnu in his different avatars. The almighty Krishna and his teachings along with the world of Indian art also influence the Mysore woodcraft too.

Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani Art
Image credits: Amazon (1); Pinterest (2)

In Madhubani paintings, motifs are based on Hindu Religious scriptures, flora, and fauna. One can find the most famous paintings of Madhubani of Radha and Krishna together dancing and singing. Some paintings also illustrate the love story of Ram and Sita, Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha, and other deities. There are three main themes in Madhubani art, i.e., religion, social scenes and elements of nature along with Hindu mythological figures and scenes from sacred texts. 

Shri Krishna is a muse. A great influence and a cultural phenomenon in the creative world of Indian art and literature. The sacred and the profane, the romantic and the mystical, the poetic and the pictorial, the movement and the stillness of love in separation and this union. All come together in these alluring performances of Krishna, the blue God, and Radha, the yellow heroine. The earth and the sky unite, the clouds pour rain through the sound of music with every raindrop touching the ground, ankle bells, and speaking hands to re-create the vision of Lord Krishna, eternal and ever new.

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