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Oil pastel Workshop with Surbhi Dosi

oil Pastel Workshop

Getting to know the tips and tricks of using oil pastels to create best pieces can add a great value to one’s overall understanding of art and art pieces. It allows you to create and enhance a number of pieces using colour blending, shading and other similar techniques. The experts holding sound expertise in dealing with oil pastels, constantly work to give it a striking & unique touch. If you seem to have your heart engrossed in exploring the vividity of oil pastels all you need to do is begin practising it. And if your practice is nurtured under the guidance and supervision of an expert you tend to nurture and evolve better. To help you do that, The Circle Community has successfully managed to organise an Oil Pastel Workshop with Surbhi Dosi. The professional tends to guide attendees with extremely fruitful strokes. So, let’s continue to scroll down to unveil the exciting learnings waiting our ways.

About the Artist:-

Surbhi Dosi is a self taught artist from Rajasthan who is currently pursuing architecture. She is well versed in sketching and painting. She’s been into exploring art and art forms since a very small age and that’s exactly where she gets her expertise from.

The workshop began:-

The workshop began with the host introducing the expert, Surbhi Dosi and her expertise over the years. She then took over and began with the detailings of using oil pastels and it’s unique phenomenon. Surbhi Dosi started creating the decided art piece with great dedication and constructive methods. She made sure to keep her attendees well aware and known of every step practised in acquiring the final picture. She was also open to any queries and questions regarding the art being created and made her presence sound extremely beneficial and fruitful to the attendees.

Towards the end of the workshop:-

The session ended with an appealing piece of leaf art that embarked on a realistic and authentic texture. It seemed truly impressive. The oil pastels were used at it’s best. The attendees co-created the pieces too. On successful completion they also received an opportunity to showcase their work to the expert and acquired constructive feedback on the same. These attendees were of different age groups deeply motivated and influenced by art and its various forms. The session was one big learning that compelled creative minds to work for more and better. The Circle Community, as always, was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. On this note, here’s us signing off until next time! Also, for more information on upcoming Circle Experiences, follow us on Instagram.

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