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Indian Art Forms That Are Not So Complex, But Seem To Be!

Complex Indian artforms

India has some of the world’s most extensive, varied, and ancient artistic traditions. From the renowned paintings of the Mughal Empire to the Indus Valley cave drawings, people have been creating art on the Indian subcontinent for 12,000 years. The recurring complex Indian artform motifs influenced Indian culture, despite the fact that each period in Indian history has its own distinct tone and style. Rooftop seeks to provide you with a simpler understanding of the 5 Indian Art forms that are not as complex as they seem to be.

Pichwai Painting

Pichwai Painting

Pichwai paintings, or “Pichvai,” are examples of ancient Indian art that have roots in Rajasthan. It features fabric paintings made with vegetable / natural dyes. Pictures are painted using a natural brush made of cotton or animal hair. This art form appeared more than 400 years ago in Rajasthan. There are 24 Swaroops boxes in a typical Pichwai, each containing Lord Krishna, the Gopis, and a variety of other elements. Even though it might be difficult for a beginner to remember everything and start from scratch, Rooftop is your saviour.

Take the masterclass created by one of our master artists, Shri Rajaram Sharma, who has immersed himself in Pichwai Art. By participating in this masterclass, you will learn from and engage with someone who has served as the face of Pichwai art since he was 13 years old. He will take you through the basic fundamentals as well as complex motifs.

Phad Painting

Image Credits: Gaon Connectio English (1)

Phad painting is a 700-year-old tradition that has been passed down through generations. It also has ties to Shahpura, Rajasthan. Phad scroll painting provides an extensive religious story about regional gods and deities. The entire canvas is utilised. Phad paintings depict several human figures as they are used to illustrate old tales. You must be uncertain about where to start, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Rooftop presents a masterclass directed by renowned illustrator Shri Kalyan Joshi. He has experimented with new narratives, paintings in a contemporary style, and line drawings.

Gond Painting

Gond Painting
Image credits: Art Alive Gallery (1); Deccan Herald (2)

Gond painting is a folk art of the Gond tribal community of India. It not only protects but also spreads the Gond tribal community’s culture. Folk dance and songs are examples of Gond art. The best way to define the paintings is to convey a stronger sense of movement and provide more depth, dots and dashes are added. Venkat Raman Singh Shyam’s Rooftop’s master artist will teach you the fundamentals of Gond painting. Later he will give you the chance to explore the medium.

Bhil Painting

Bhil painting
Image Credits: Amazon (2)

Bhil art is displayed on the clay walls of their rustic houses. To create beautiful paintings using natural dyes, twigs such as neem and other twigs are used. Bhil paintings often include large, fanciful figures of people from everyday life painted in vivid, earthy colours before being covered in a layer of uniform dots in different patterns and colours. You and your undying will to learn are intact at  Rooftop. You must take a workshop designed especially for you by master artist  Smt. Padma Shree Bhuri Bai on Rooftop app will quickly turn you into a master of Bhil paintings

Mata Ni Pachedi

Mata Ni Pachedi
Image Credits: Wix (1); Gatha (2)

Mata-ni-Pachedi is a traditional art of painting goddesses on a piece of cloth found in temples. Among many complex Indian art forms, this is of multicoloured animated images of gods and goddesses, devotees, followers, flora and fauna. They are with a narrative story on big cloth paintings using Kalams or pens made of Bamboo. Shri Chandrakant Chitara is a well-known artist and also a master artist. At Rooftop will guide you through the history, tools, colours, tips tricks and so much more in the workshop. Don’t wait and click the link below.

Not just this Rooftop offers maestro art courses from an expert artist. You get to learn from the best and experience Indian art closely. Employee engagement programs or virtual art workshops. We bring you one step closer to Indian art.

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