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Newspaper Weaving Workshop With Janhavi Mallapur

Newspaper Weaving Workshop

Newspaper Weaving Workshop: Newspaper weaving is the craft of weaving a basket out of newspaper. One can then paint, decorate and colour it with the tints of their creativity. This is a great way to reuse newspapers and make something creative out of it. Rajasthan Studio invited Janhavi Mallapur for this interesting Newspaper Weaving Workshop. She is a self-taught artist with an observant eye for details and a flair for art, which made her choose it as a career path.

The Newspaper Weaving Workshop Began

Janhavi told our attendees about the origin of newspaper weaving and how she came across this art form. Next, she started off by cutting the newspaper into halves and used a stick to roll them into strips. The attendees were trying to match Janhavi’s speed and were working along with her. After everyone completed making their newspaper sticks, Janhavi showed them how to weave them into a newspaper coaster. She displayed the pen stand, bowl, and coasters of different shapes and sizes which she had made out of just newspaper! All the participants were delighted and astonished to see those items. Janhavi explained briefly how she had made each of those items.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

All the participants matched the speed at which Janhavi was working. In no time, our screens filled with newspaper-woven coasters. Later, Janhavi showed the rest of the innovative items she had made by weaving newspaper – including a star-shaped candle stand, a fruit basket, a paper bird and a cardholder.

Rooftop aims to create a platform for artists so that they can learn, impart and show their art to fellow artisans. We curate such unique workshops on a regular basis to keep everyone creative and productive even during these uncertain times and hope to continue doing the same.

Stay safe and stay creative! Here’s us signing off, until next time.

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