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New Moon Yoga Ritual Session

Yoga Rajasthan Studio

Just as the lunar cycle affects the tidal waves of the ocean, it has an effect on everything from a woman’s menstrual cycle; our energy levels; to throwing open the psychic doorways of our consciousness. It is said that one is more receptive and ‘psychic’ during the new moon, so what could be better than practising a New Moon Yoga ritual, opposite the Hawa Mahal, Jaipur under the watchful eye of Yogini Malti Sharma? Yes, meditate, retreat, slow down, and tune in to the magic of the new moon.

So utterly good to channel this energy into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Yogini Ji specially curated the yoga poses for the session to enhance energy levels. The session started with basic breathing yoga exercises in order to make practitioners ready for further yoga poses. What made the session, singularly more powerful was the august presence of Malti Ji’s Guru DhakaRam, and the specially-chosen, moon yoga recommended poses from the scriptures that made the specially-curated, by-invitation Rooftop experience even more unforgettable.

Rajasthan Studio Circle

An invite-only, free-of-charge platform for artists whose only purpose is to regularly organise art sessions, where artists of all hues can get into animated discussions, swap ideas and keep art consciousness alive amongst the artist community.
At these sessions, the art creator, the curator and the art content all merge into one.

There is no entry barrier to attending a Rooftop event except that you be passionate about a particular art form, and want to spread awareness among other art lovers in your city. Here is the complete lowdown on the Rooftop events that we have successfully conducted so far.

Attendees Present at the Session

Ms Aditi Agarwal, Ms. Prema Singh, Mr. Kartik Gaggar (Rajasthan Studio Team), Yogacharya Dhakaram Ji, Yogini Malti Sharma and Yogacharya Rameshwar Prabhu

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