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National-level Art Competitions You Should Participate in Now!

Participating in art competitions is the best way to showcase your talent and skills to the wider world. They help you gain confidence and recognition and you get a chance to learn from artists who are better than you. Art competitions are essential for a country like India which has a rich heritage and produced many art geniuses. In this blog, we will look at a handful of national-level competitions you should participate in. 

1. Innovate India- Yuva Pratibha

Innovate India Painting Hunt Talent wants to encourage Indian culture at the grassroots level all across India. This national-level art competition provides a unique opportunity for Indian citizens to showcase their talent and skills. It will help them gain national recognition. Participants must belong to the 18-40 years age group. You can find details regarding the medium of painting and the format of sending your work digitally on their website. Read them carefully, so that you do not miss a detail that can affect your chance of winning. 

Website: Innovate India

Prize: INR. 1,00,000/- + Trophy + Certificate

Check out our online workshops and maestro courses on Indian art that will help you represent Indian culture in your works more efficiently. 

2. Champ Quest Arts & Painting Competition

Champ Quest Foundation organises the largest arts and painting competition in India. It aims to promote cultural diversity and artistic excellence of India which has a rich cultural heritage. The top ten participants will be awarded with a free trip to Dubai, and ‘Best Artists Book’ will feature the top 1000 participants. You can find the list of categories on their website. Apply Now!

Website: Champ Quest Foundation

Registration fee: Rs. 599

Prize: Rs.2,50,000/- + Exhibition of artworks in a prestigious art gallery

3. Dreamer Dreams- National Level Online Talent Contest

Dreamer Dreams’ Online Talent Contest is open to people of all ages. There is no theme or ascribed medium. It welcomes entries under three categories- Best Painting, Best Drawing, and Best Sketch. If you are a beginner who has been working hard, this might be a good place to measure your improvement.

Website: Dream Dreams 

Prize for each category: ₹30,000/-

4. Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation X Dhoomimal Gallery

The Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation Annual Award in partnership with Dhoomimal Gallery has been encouraging young artists for the last 30 years. It aims to exhibit the works of young talent and kick start their career in the mainstream of the art world. It welcomes submissions from anyone between 18 to 30 years of age, working on any medium. 

Website: Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation Annual Awards 2023

Art Competition
Ravi Jain Annual Awards (Source: Dhoomimal Gallery)

5. Indian Art Contest 

Indian Art Contest is open to everyone all across India regardless of experience, gender, or age. You can submit any artwork of your choice. This art competition does not ascribe to a specific theme, type, medium, and size for artwork. It welcomes Paintings, Sketches, Crafts, Digital arts, Mandalas and Zentangles, Doodles, Sculptures, Fluid arts, Mehndi, Glass Painting, Wall Painting, Calligraphy, Face Painting, Tattoos, etc. 

Registration fee: Rs. 300 for a single artwork 

Website: Indian Art Contest

Prize: Rs. 6000 for the adult category 

6. Indian Art Carnival 

Indian Art Carnival is another platform to showcase your talent. It welcomes entries in two categories— Junior and Senior. Senior is for those who are above 18 years of age. The art competition has no specific theme, ascribed no medium or size for the artwork. If you feel hesitant to show your art to the world, this might be the perfect place for you to begin.

Website: Indian Art Carnival

Prize: Certificate + Medal + Menanto 

7. TAF Emerging Artist Award- South Asia 2024 (Third Edition)

The Arts Family (TAF), London opened its application for TAF Emerging Artist Award- South Asia 2024 on July 1, 2023, and the last date to apply is October 14, 2023. The award is open to artists of South Asian origin from the age of 22 to 42. Artists can hail from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the diaspora. 

TAF Emerging Artist Awardee
Scroll art by Shivangi Ladha, TAF Emerging Artist Awardee 

The award aims to assist emerging artists from these regions by giving them exposure to the International art market. TAF asks for an artist’s statement and a well-curated resume, along with your artworks. It is important that your artist’s statement should describe your artworks well, along with the meaning and purpose of what it symbolises. Our onlines courses can help you to dwell more into your South Asian origins and be more creative in the world of experimental contemporary art. 

Website: TAF Emerging Artist Award

Prize: £1500

8. Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation

The painting competition organised by Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation is a national-level opportunity for all professional artists, school teachers, and students of fine arts from fine art institutes, schools, colleges, and academics to exhibit their talents. The participant must be 18 years or above and should be Indian or Indian descendant. 

Website: All India Painting Competition ‘Meri Kalpana’

Prize: 21,000/-


Apart from the above competitions, many others are happening in different corners of the country. Schools and universities in India organise several art competitions to meet the needs of every artist. For our teen artists who are aiming high, the Picasso Art Contest, an international competition for 6 to 19 years of age, can be perfect. For contemporary Indian artists who are between 20 to 35 years of age, MASH Young Artist Award offers a fantastic residency program to support your practice and foster your talent to be the next best artistic talent of India. 

The list of competitions is curated keeping in mind the different needs of our art lovers, whether you are an amateur or professional these competitions will help you move forward in your artistic journey. If you need guidance to polish your craft and learn various Indian art forms, then Rooftop is the right place for you. You can learn from the best artists of various traditional arts which will bring more richness in your artworks and add strong elements of Indian identity. 

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