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Unveiling the Museum on Wheels: Bringing Art to Your Neighborhood

Museum on Wheels Centenary Exhibition – 100 YEARS of CSMVS

If you cannot come to the museum, the museum will come to you. This is the premise of the innovative ‘Museum on Wheels’ project. It is currently touring the national capital. It’s on a mission to cultivate an appreciation for arts and culture. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya situated in Mumbai initiated the project. It has been successfully traversing urban and rural areas across India for the past seven years. Its goal is to spread knowledge about art, heritage, and culture.

As part of the International Museum Expo, state-of-the-art buses have been transformed into mobile exhibitions. Their maiden tour commenced in Delhi. From May 18 to May 28, these buses, will visit prominent places throughout the city. It will showcase artefacts, replicas, models, and dioramas. These objects offer a unique opportunity to engage with art and history. The best part? There is no entry fee!

The Museum on Wheels aims to surpass the conventional museum experience. They want to bring history closer to people whether they live in bustling cities or remote areas. The project features two air-conditioned buses, each with a distinctive theme. The theme of one bus is “In tune: The journey from sound to music,” while the other celebrates “100 years of CSMVS.”

Atreyee Chakravarty is an education facilitator associated with the project. He highlights the significance of arts and culture education, especially in rural areas. He recognizies that many people in remote areas have limited exposure to museums and history. Therefore, project was launched to introduce them to the concept of museums. Also, create as many accessible learning opportunities as possible.

Supported by CitiBank for the past seven years, the project has seen immense success. The current tour in Delhi marks a significant milestone. The buses have covered a remarkable distance of almost 1,500 kilometers from Mumbai. The response at the International Museum Expo has been overwhelming. Numerous institutions expressed interest in developing their own museum on wheels to reach people across the country.

In Delhi, the Museum on Wheels has collaborated with various institutions to display their fascinating exhibits . These include the National Bal Bhavan, National Gallery of Modern Art, and the National Science Centre. The buses have received an enthusiastic response from visitors. Several NGOs working with underprivileged children have also shown interest in engaging with the mobile museum.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Museum on Wheels! Witness the wonders of musical instruments and antiquities on display. Discover a whole new perspective as you interact with exhibits inside a bus. Parents and children alike have praised the experience. They emphasized the educational value and unique nature of this initiative.

The Museum on Wheels will be stationed at different locations in Delhi. Places such as the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum, the Red Fort, the NGMA, the National Museum, the Sunder Nursery park, Humayun’s Tomb area, the National Zoological Park, and the Heritage Transport Museum. Mark your calendars and embark on a memorable journey through art and culture.

Immerse yourself in the world of art and culture with the Museum on Wheels, where history comes to life right at your doorstep!

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